DTEK aims to build trustworthy and responsible partnerships with its employees and the communities the company operates in. Our goal is to ensure a decent and safe working environment, as well as improve the quality of life where we operate, through sustainable social, economic, and cultural development.



DTEK Group has integrated the UN Sustainable Development Goals concerning social partnerships and HR into its ESG Strategy and is committed to making further progress

DTEK Group puts significant focus on healthcare, ensuring all employees have access to timely and quality medical care.

DTEK Group supports a number of projects aimed at improving access to education. Academy DTEK provides education programs for external and internal stakeholders.

DTEK Group provides a level playing field for all employees to reach their full potential and promotes career development regardless of gender.

The DTEK Group promotes full and productive employment and decent work for all employees, including reliable and safe working conditions.

DTEK Group implements social partnership programs to ensure sustainable development. The programs have five main areas: energy efficiency in the utility sector; healthcare; development of socially significant infrastructure; development of the business environment; increasing local community activity.

DTEK Group establishes stable social partnerships with communities and local authorities where its enterprises operate, to improve residents' standard of living.

DTEK Group raises awareness of energy efficiency and promotes a responsible attitude towards consumption because strategies for social and economic development are tools for achieving sustainable development goals.

DTEK Group develops partnerships with international donor organizations and state funds to implement joint sustainable development projects where its enterprises operate. DTEK is also a signatory to the UN Global Compact and, as such, provides an annual report on its social, economic, and cultural development work.

DTEK Group’s ESG report


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Invested by DTEK on creating a safe working environment for employees


Of our employees can be trained at Academy DTEK


Territories where DTEK implements social partnership programs


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Invested by DTEK in social partnership programs for community development

Employee health and safety

Providing timely and high-quality healthcare services for all our employees is one of DTEK Group’s key priorities. We pay particular attention to the implementation of health improvement programs and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

DTEK Group is focused on its growth and innovation. This requires professional and enterprising employees who are ready to learn and grow through their work. To provide this opportunity, DTEK Group has adopted a training system at the corporate university Academy DTEK. It covers all employees, regardless of gender, age, specialization, and organizational position.

DTEK Group has built a comprehensive organizational structure that covers labor protection and industrial safety. Health and safety functions have been created across all levels of business. Therefore, the management system for labor protection and industrial safety (LP and IS) is integrated into the daily activities of all enterprises and is a prerequisite for defining and achieving strategic goals. At DTEK Group's production facilities, the LP and IS management system is in accordance with international standards.

The Occupational Safety and Health section is a mandatory clause in the collective agreements at all DTEK Group production facilities. This clause includes the obligations of the administration and trade unions to fully adhere to the legislation in this area.



DTEK Group creates stable social partnerships with communities and local authorities where it operates with the aim of increasing the living standards.
DTEK Group implements social partnership programs in five main areas:

DTEK Group develops partnerships with international donor organizations and state funds for the implementation of joint sustainable development projects in territories where its enterprises operate.


Our key projects

Your Hometown Begins with You

DTEK's "Your Hometown Begins with You" is a series of mini-grants designed to help citizens improve their local area by enhancing cooperation between communities, businesses, and local administrations. The main objective is to ensure residents are involved in solving issues in their communities. The initiative helps create an efficient and modern infrastructure, encourages innovation in education and healthcare, and promotes energy efficiency. 

Energy Efficient Schools: New Generation

"Energy Efficient Schools: New Generation" is an innovative educational program teaching children in grades 4-11 about energy efficiency. The syllabus, ratified by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, covers three courses: "Fundamentals of Energy Supply and Energy Saving", "Alphabet of Housing and Utilities Management" and "My Energy Efficient Home”. 

Come On, Let’s Play!

Come On, Let’s Play! is the biggest social project in Ukraine aimed at developing children's amateur football. It has been implemented by the Shakhtar Social non-profit foundation, supported by DTEK, its general partner.

The “Come On, Let’s Play!” project currently operates at 36 locations, targeting boys and girls aged 7 to 12. It provides coaches, as well as balls and all the necessary sporting equipment.

In 2019, "Come on, Let’s Play!" beat almost 40 European football clubs to be given the ‘More than Football Award 2019’. The award ceremony took place at Camp Nou Stadium as part of the 13th European Football for Development Network conference. The project was also best in the society category of the Partnership for Sustainability Award 2019, which is held by the UN Global Compact in Ukraine.