About us

DTEK is Ukraine’s largest energy group with assets in coal mining, electricity generation and distribution, alternative energy and gas production.

Our companies in 11 regions of Ukraine employ over 75 000 people.
We supply electricity and heat to 3.3 million households and over 82,500 industrial companies.

Since 2005, when the company was established, we have tripled our coal production, our electricity generation has grown fourfold, and the electricity distribution has increased fivefold.

We have commissioned the deepest gas well in Ukraine (6 750 m) and are the country’s leading privately-owned natural gas producer.

Our Botievo Wind Farm is not only the largest wind farm in Ukraine, but is also among the top five largest wind parks in Central and Eastern Europe.

We have invested over USD 5 bln in modernizing of our companies and making them more efficient, safe and environmentally friendly.

We have committed over USD 1 bln to supporting local communities where our employees live and work.

The programs we support include energy efficiency, medicine, entrepreneurship, infrastructure improvement, local governance and community development initiatives.


Geography of our business

ДТЭК заявляет о потере управления предприятиями, расположенными на временно неконтролируемой территории Донецкой и Луганской области

ДТЕК ініціював розгляд інвестиційного спору з Росією щодо активів Групи в Криму







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