Mission, vision, values


We are working in the name of progress and prosperity of our society. Our energy brings people light and warmth.


We are a dynamically developing Ukrainian company, which pursues leadership in the European energy markets. Our success is based on people, efficiency and advanced technologies.



We help develop the talents and abilities of our employees, introduce the latest technologies, and continuously improve our production and management processes. As we expand our business, we strive to instil confidence in our employees and contribute to the successful development of Ukraine.



Our employees are highly professional, knowledgeable, responsible and diligent. We strive to achieve the best results while making the best possible use of human, natural and financial resources.



We are building our business on the understanding that all our efforts should serve the interests of our society.
We are responsible for the quality of our work and the adherence to our corporate standards, for meeting our obligations, for efficient use of natural resources and protecting the environment. We are responsible for the people who are behind the success of our Company – our employees.



We value team spirit and unity. We can only achieve strong results as a team. Many of us are not only colleagues but also friends. We build upon our diverse experiences and knowledge. Our unity comes from common goals, shared values, mutual understanding and support.



We openly communicate and engage with our employees, partners, shareholders, investors and other stakeholders on issues related to our business. We build our relationships on the basis of mutual respect and trust. We follow the principles shared by our employees and partners.