15 facts about DTEK Group

DTEK was founded in 2005.

DTEK employs 70,000 people. DTEK’s enterprises are recognized as the best Ukrainian employers according to surveys performed by international audit firm EY and Ukrainian business press.

Since its formation, DTEK has invested USD 11.9 bln in the energy sector and sustainable development projects. Through these efforts, DTEK has achieved the growth of its production operations and social development in the regions where DTEK Group’s enterprises operate:

  • the production of natural gas increased  3.3 times,
  • the production of steam coal has doubled,
  • 1 GW of capacities were built in the renewable energy sector.

DTEK pursues the principles of sustainable development and have implemented 2,310 projects within the scope of the Social Partnership Programs.

In 2019, DTEK adopted the ESG Strategy that integrated 12 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Global Compact and made a commitment to achieve progress.

DTEK has the best expertise in the sector which allows the Group to implement a large scale energy development program.

To improve Ukraine’s energy sustainability, 16 TTPs power units operated by DTEK Energy with a total capacity of 4.1 GW have been upgraded, and a program has been implemented to increase a share of domestic G-grade coal in power plants’ fuel mix.

The miners of Samarska mine have successfully driven through the Bohdanivskyy fault, which is the largest West Donbas geological fault and where the depth difference between coal seams reaches up to 300 meters. To accomplish this goal, a number of various surveys and studies were conducted and a new rock-supporting technology was developed that opened access to 10 mln tonnes of coal.

DTEK Oil&Gas drilled a 6,750 meter-deep gas well, which is the deepest producing gas well in Ukraine. Such technological experience will allow the company to drill gas wells with the depth of over 5,000 meters in record time.

DTEK brings the best global practices to Ukraine to achieve progress.

D.Solutions is the electricity supplier for 3.5 mln households and commercial consumers. It was one of the first suppliers in Ukraine to launch a retail brand on the electricity market. Today, the company is the only Ukrainian supplier that offers its clients additional green products and services aligned with the principles set out in the Ukraine’s Green Energy Transition Concept by 2050.

DTEK Grids recognizes the needs of modern customers. Accordingly, the company is changing the approach in customer service and is offering a European quality of service. The customers can contact through the service centers, call to contact centers, communicate with the company on social networks and instant messaging platforms, and use online services.

DTEK Oil&Gas was the first among Ukrainian gas production companies to initiate the foundation of the Oil&Gas Technology Hub. The objectives pursued by the Hub include the engagement of innovations, state-of-art technologies, international start-ups, and the best experts. These systemic efforts will form new trends in the development of the industry, and Ukraine will gain yet another momentum for its energy independence.

DTEK Renewables has built RES power plants that rank among the largest facilities, both in Ukraine and Europe: Botievska Wind Farm, Nikopolska SPP and Pokrovska SPP. These plants will promote the global goal of decarbonizing the economy.

Academy DTEK is a corporate university that provides training to all DTEK Group employees. It has become an innovative educational business platform open to business, public sector, and the community. Training new leaders is one of the goals pursued by DTEK Group to make a contribution to Ukraine’s sustainable development.

DTEK is a reliable partner of the community.

Since the outbreak of hostilities in the Donbas region, DTEK Grids has restored electricity supply to substations and power transmission lines more than 16,000 times. This included 13,000 repairs to 6–10 kV transformer substations, more than 1,600 repairs to restore the damaged sections of high-voltage power lines, and more than 1,500 operations to reconnect 35–110 kV substations.

During the COVID pandemic, DTEK employees’ ensured uninterrupted generation, distribution, and supply of electricity to support the community through this difficult period. Houses, hospitals, shops, plants had uninterrupted electricity supply, and DTEK is among those who made this possible.