Fighting climate change, reducing emissions, and conserving biodiversity are our key environmental protection vectors. Systematic environmental modernization of facilities throughout DTEK ensures we meet the requirements of European environmental standards as well as ensuring production reliability.

DTEK’s Environmental Policy
DTEK Group’s ESG report


bn UAH
Our environmental protection investment over 14 years (excluding environmental tax)


Reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere since 2017


Reduction of water consumption by DTEK enterprises since 2017


Trees planted by DTEK over 14 years


White stork nests moved from power lines to special artificial platforms between 2013-2019
DTEK Group has implemented the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the field of environmental protection into its ESG Strategy and is committed to making further progress
Conservation and restoration of biodiversity

DTEK Group implements projects to protect biodiversity in several areas. These include the safety of white storks on power lines, monitoring the impact of wind turbines on the population of birds and bats, and protecting the fauna of water bodies at thermal generation enterprises.

DTEK, together with the Dutch company Silence TV Europe and the Galician National Natural Park, installed four live cameras that broadcast the life of waterfowl on the Burshtyn Peninsula.

Circular economy

More than 99% of waste generated during the production activities of DTEK Energy's enterprises is safe, but requires free land for disposal. Therefore, one of the key tasks of the company in the field of environmental protection is to increase the use of heavy waste — rocks and ash and slag materials (ASM), which enterprises are formed during coal mining and its combustion for electricity production.

DTEK Group focuses its water resource management efforts around economic and efficient use at all its production facilities. To ensure optimum water consumption, DTEK enterprises reuse water and use circulating water supply systems.


DTEK fully supports Europe’s Green Transformation Program. As the largest operator of coal-fired thermal power plants in Ukraine, we have set an ambitious strategic goal of becoming a carbon-neutral company. Our investment priorities are shaped by our ambition to become a modern sustainable business that spearheads the decarbonization movement in Central and Eastern Europe.

DTEK embarked on its decarbonization path in 2012 by building the first 3 MW wind turbine at Botievska WPP. Today, DTEK manages 1 GW of renewable generation capacity. It has taken us just eight years to reach that important milestone and we have plans for much more.