Energy for change in Ukraine: DTEK Refreshes Its Visual Style

Energy for change in Ukraine: DTEK Refreshes Its Visual Style
Energy for change in Ukraine: DTEK Refreshes Its Visual Style

DTEK presented an update to its graphical style, which had stayed the same since 2013.

The company discussed the changes of the visual style and the updates to its creative platform in a presentation video:

As explained by Olha Zakharova, Head of Communications of DTEK, the new version of the company’s visual style embodies the changes DTEK has undergone throughout the last years and personifies the new strategy, value priorities and key areas for business development.

As the updated brandbook shows, DTEK is an active corporate citizen, a partner of the society and state in implementing major projects and initiatives. The company does its fair share in transforming the Ukrainian society and developing a competitive economy, operates in a clear and transparent way, encourages entrepreneurship, cooperation and innovation.

The main attributes which distinguish DTEK from its competitors are important for the corporate culture and represent DTEK’s style of communication within the company, as well as with its partners and clients:

  • Effective

The company establishes clear goals and knows how to transform them into tangible results valued by the employees, society and the state.

  • Dynamic

DTEK operates with full efficiency, makes dynamic progress, never stalls and aims to go beyond all expectations.

  • Open

DTEK shares the society’s values, knows what people want and is always ready for cooperation. DTEK is open for dialogue both within and outside its walls.

  • Caring

The company is located in Ukraine and operates there, so national development is of crucial importance. Business cannot flourish in the long run without a prospering society.

That being said, DTEK does not change neither its logo nor the “energy in action” slogan.


The changes concern the slogan’s position on the logo as well as the main font. This is to better fit an image of a modern dynamic company, which is actively involved in the digital environment.

Instead of the industrial Bandera Pro font, the company will start using Pragmatica Bold—a more simple and convenient, post-industrial font. Alterations of the infographical elements were made based on the same principle—to make them more simple and clear.


The signature identity element—the D-box—has also been altered. This element is what helps to communicate openness and desire to improve, push forward towards new goals.

Today, DTEK manages six energy business divisions, the company’s enterprises operate in 11 regions of Ukraine. DTEK’s structure also features Academy DTEK, which has gone a long way from being an internal training platform to becoming one of the world’s best corporate universities (Global CCU 2019 award). A system of D-boxes and unique textures has been developed for additional recognizability of DTEK businesses.

“In updating the trademark style of DTEK, we were using some of the existing visual elements. Our goal was to preserve the continuity of our images and be careful not to cut the existing visual roots, meanwhile making the style more clear and simple. And we succeeded. The style is now more modern and flexible due to the vibrancy and adaptability of the new elements,” says Mykhailo Polyvanov, Manager of SHOTS agency design studio.

It is not just the brand’s looks that have changed but the way it communicates. For 15 years, DTEK has been providing energy to the people who are working for Ukraine and changing it for the better. Therefore, the main idea of the new communications platform is the energy for change in Ukraine. This idea has been presented in DTEK’s advertisement campaign, which started on July 6, 2020.

“DTEK has always been and will be an ambitious enterprise. Today, it is much more than just a responsible national investor, an employer and a partner of international corporations in Ukraine. Modern DTEK is the expert center in the field of digitalization of Ukrainian energy sector, implementation of innovations, center of business education, certification for new professions, enlightenment and partnership. Our main asset is the people. And this is what our “15 years of DTEK” advertisement campaign is really about—the people,” says Olha Zakharova.


“We strongly believe in Ukraine’s potential, including the potential of national creative industries. To solve the task of changing the perception of DTEK, we have chosen the Ukrainian agency SHOTS and the ESSE production company. Systemic approach and high professional expertise of the design teams have contributed to the top-level implementation of the project,” says Oleksandra Orda, Head of Marketing Communications Department of DTEK.

“For any agency, working with major brands is always both a responsibility and a challenge. We are very happy that we have been entrusted with working with the trademark style and the communications platform of DTEK. First and foremost, it allowed us to think globally and to properly go all the way from the general idea to its implementation in details. Secondly, this has been a great opportunity to show the professionalism and expertise of our team in making strategic planning and working with the design,” says Stas Kachanovsky, creative director of SHOTS agency.




Corporate Communications Director – Olha Zakharova

Head of Marketing Communications – Oleksandra Orda

Brand Manager – Anna Chikalova

SHOTS agency

Creative Director – Stas Kachanovsky

Head of Art – Peter Storozhenko

Creative Group Head – Sergii Shevtsov

Copywriter – Danil Halyko

Art Director – Mykhailo Polyvanov

Account Director – Alina Storozhenko

Account Manager – Alina Taratun


Director — Peter Storozhenko

DOP — Mykyta Kuzmenko

Executive Producer — Vitaliy Sheremetiev

Line Producer — Pavel Shport

Production Manager — Tetiana Lambo

Production Assistant — Denys Savenkov

1st AD — Julia Pavlyuk

1st AC — Maksym Shcherbanos

Location Manager — Mykola Ivanov

Casting Manager — Khrystyna Tarabas

Set Designer — Mariia Ostrovska

Stylist — Lena Ignatenko

Makeup — Mariia Tkachuk

Gaffer — Valerii Butkov

Focus Puller — Vlad Dobryk

Playback — Max Levchenko

Post Production Producer — Serhii Mysak

VFX Supervisor — Anatolii Samoilenko

Editing — Yurii Reznichenko

Color Correction — Olha Korzhynska

Sound — Oleksandr Pustarnakov

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