Energy Efficiency Map to Show Possible Heat Savings for 6 Thousand Buildings in Kyiv

Energy Efficiency Map to Show Possible Heat Savings for 6 Thousand Buildings in Kyiv
Energy Efficiency Map to Show Possible Heat Savings for 6 Thousand Buildings in Kyiv

Residents of 6 thousand high-rise buildings in the capital now can learn the percentage of possible savings on heating. They should simply use free online service “Energy Efficiency Map” on the website of KYIVENERGO. The map has been developed together with energy auditors of DTEK ESCO.

The map indicated buildings specifying actual heat consumption per square metre in 2016/2017 heating season, standard heat demand if a building was energy efficient, and how much heat can be saved by implementing energy-conserving measures.

“The project’s idea is simple: to outline to people how to save heat and money without conducting an energy audit. People can apply percentages of savings indicated on the map to their own payment documents. Then they will consider joining efforts with the neighbours and taking the situation into their own hands and implementing energy-efficient measures. DTEK ESCO can finance and implement some measures through the energy service mechanism,” said the company’s director Yevhen Bushma.

Residents can find out about specific energy-saving measures in the Power-saving consultation centre located in the premises of the KYIVENERGO CSC at: Zhylianska 83/53. There you can also order an energy audit of a building or an energy survey of individual apartments.

An energy audit will show in detail why power is lost in a building, what specific volume of energy resources (heat, electric power, cold and hot water, gas) can be saved in a building. An energy audit report contains a detailed individual plan of energy efficient measures: steps of its implementation, cost and payback periods, and potential sources of financing, including municipal programmes, loans and energy services. You can learn to do energy audits yourself at DTEK Academy’s special trainings.

Online service “Energy Efficiency Map” was launched in 2016 and back then it contained data on 1 thousand Kyiv buildings. So far, 6,000 high-rise buildings have been mapped, and information on 8,000 residential apartment buildings will be available by the end of the year. DTEK ESCO plans to invest UAH 150M in thermal upgrades of Kyiv buildings, including directing UAH 7M in 2017 towards upgrading residential buildings.


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