ESCO-Project at DTEK Ladyzhynska TPP Will Save 58% of Electric Power for Pumps Operation

ESCO-Project at DTEK Ladyzhynska TPP Will Save 58% of Electric Power for Pumps Operation
ESCO-Project at DTEK Ladyzhynska TPP Will Save 58% of Electric Power for Pumps Operation

The upgrade of the heating network pump at DTEK Ladyzhynska TPP will increase the reliability of hot water and heating supply to the residents of Ladyzhyn. By the energy efficiency project, DTEC ESCO has installed a new pump equipped with an automatic rotation control system. The new, more reliable unit consumes 58% less electric power as compared to its old counterpart. The project was implemented under an energy service contract.

Ladyzhynska TPP has been supplying heating and hot water to 25 thousand residents of Ladyzhyn for more than 40 years. All this time the equipment facilitating the delivery of heating to end consumer comprising of five Soviet-era pumps manufactured by Nasosenergomash Sumy Plant was in operation. Following the completion of the project, one modern unit equipped with a 200 kW electric motor manufactured by DP-Pumps, a Dutch company, will replace several pumps.

“Improved reliability and efficiency of the pump is facilitated by the use of “smart technologies”. New equipment is automatically controlled by an installed frequency converter, preventing emergencies, including due to elimination of pressure shocks in the heating system and thanks to the smooth control. Automatic devices receive information from a heating network pressure sensors, analyse parameters, and control the load on the pumps according to the established parameters. As a result, excessive electric power consumption otherwise required for operation of the city’s heating network is prevented, and Ladyzhynska TPP can save more than 1.5M kWh, or UAH 2M annually. This quantity of electric power is consumed by five multi-storey residential buildings,” said Oleksandr Bobryk, director of DTEK Ladyzhynska TPP.

DTEK Ladyzhynska TPP financed 20% of the project cost, and 80% financing was provided by DTEK ESCO, which implemented the project on a turnkey basis under an energy service contract. DTEK ESCO and DTEK Ladyzhynska TPP will be sharing benefits received from energy savings in 80/20 proportion during the four-year term of the energy service contract.

“An energy service mechanism envisages that an energy service company (ESCO) provides financing and performs a project on a turnkey basis, and guaranties savings of energy resources. The same mechanism can be employed to improve energy efficiency of municipal facilities in both Ladyzhyn and Vinnytsia Region, including thermal modernisation of municipal kindergartens, schools, and hospitals, to insulate residential buildings, and repair heating systems. All it takes is the desire of municipal authorities and the community to save energy resources, and a list of facilities to be upgraded,” stressed Yevhen Bushma, Director of DTEK ESCO.

DTEK ESCO is currently considering a possibility of implementing three other energy efficiency projects at DTEK Ladyzhynska TPP, and assists the power plant with introducing an energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001 international standard. DTEK ESCO has already completed a project that involved the upgrade of pumps at Metinvest’s Central MPP, which brought energy savings of 60%, and also upgraded the lighting system at DTEK Dobropil's'ka CEP which will save 90% of electric power.


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