Development of the Energy Profession Map has started in Ukraine

Development of the Energy Profession Map has started in Ukraine
Development of the Energy Profession Map has started in Ukraine

The energy sector is an important component of Ukraine's economic development. In 2018, the contribution of energy industries to national GDP was more than 9%, with 76% of the population satisfied with the quality of energy services. This potential presupposes the attraction of qualified specialists and the formation of interest in the field among young people, especially among girls.

The study "Women and Men in the Energy Sector" identified the barriers to women in the energy sector. These include a shortage of highly skilled female workers in STEM-oriented industries, as well as the impact of gender roles, and both cultural and social norms. In total, 20-25% of women work in the energy sector of Ukraine.

CSR Ukraine, the expert organization Center for CSR Development, in partnership with USAID Energy Security Project, started developing a map of the various professions in the energy sector. Its goal is to help schoolchildren and students understand the variety of professions, in addition to the vital skills and career path from school to their chosen field. The initiative is being implemented within the framework of the Girls in Energy Project.

Marina Saprykina, head of the CSR Development Center: “Experts believe that the education system restricts girls' access to energy specialties. Thanks to the map of professions, we want to expand opportunities for girls and boys, to demonstrate the attractiveness and features of professions in the energy sector using the example of real success stories".

According to Oleksandr Kucherenko, Director for Sustainable Development of DTEK, today every responsible business is obliged to destroy stereotypes about the so-called purely "male" professions or spheres, as well as that men in leadership positions are more effective managers than women. “Since 2013, DTEK has increased the number of women in management positions by 20%. This is one of the main achievements of the company in ensuring gender balance and equality, as one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which DTEK has integrated into its development strategy”, underlined Oleksandr Kucherenko.

The leading Ukrainian energy companies DTEK, Prykarpattyaoblenergo, Ukrhydroenergo, Energoatom, Lvivoblenergo have become partners of the Card of Professions in the energy sector.

The project involves the creation of an information booklet about a profession and career in the energy sector. The booklet is based on practical advice and materials from leading Ukrainian companies, and the most interesting is the real stories of specialists who have built a career in the energy sector.

Also, based on the booklet, teaching materials for teachers and a series of interactive lessons for students from grades 5 to 10 will be developed. Once published, the booklet can be downloaded free of charge and used in educational programs.

The Profession Map is a unique educational initiative of the CSR Development Center, which helps the professional self-determination of young people. As part of the initiative, professionals from companies in one sector develop a map of professions in the sector, indicate the necessary skills and abilities for these professions; identify the courses and universities where they are taught; and describe the prospects for the industry in the future. About 20 companies (FUIB, UkrSibbank BNP Paribas, Astarta, Syngenta, Metinvest and others) in partnership with the CSR Development Center have already developed profiles for their professions (retail, agricultural, banking, IT, mining, metallurgy, legal). These are fully available on the Career Hub project website.

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