DTEK's project "The Work of Light" is among the five best digital communications projects in the world

DTEK's project "The Work of Light" is among the five best digital communications projects in the world
DTEK's project "The Work of Light" is among the five best digital communications projects in the world

The Work of Light is a communication project, which engages five DTEK Grids DSOs (DTEK Kyiv Grids, DTEK Kyiv Regional Grids, DTEK Dnipro Grids, DTEK Donetsk Grids and DTEK Odesa Grids). DSO employees — electricians, engineers, heads of distribution stations — shoot short videos about their daily work. They tell and show how they are eliminating accidents, upgrading networks, installing meters, saving storks, etc. They are taking care of clients 24×7. Through the project, we inform clients, increase awareness, and reduce public negativity.

How did we come up with The Work of Light? Clients often know little about how the DSO operates. They are indignant that it takes a lot of time to eliminate accidents, it is not always easy to get through, and in general oblenergo is a monopoly, do not expect anything good.

At a certain stage, it became clear that we needed to show to our clients how the companies work. Become closer and friendlier. And, most importantly, show the process as it is — with a human face, dedication and care for people 24×7. We turned our electricians into video bloggers. We taught them how to shoot videos and just talk with clients.

These small live videos made the work of DTEK Grids DSO not only humane, but also as open as possible, because clients always have up-to-date information on the status of solving a problem.

The Work of Light project is 22 months old. During this time, 660 employees took part in it; they produced 429 videos. The social media reach is more than 35 million. Thanks to the project, we reduced the share of negative comments on Facebook from 1/2 to 1/3.

«Today, The Work of Light is more than communication. The project united various directions and divisions of DTEK Grids. It became a synergy of communications, customer service, technical team, occupational health, and HR. It is a powerful motivation tool. Employees are proud of their work and the company, and follow each other’s success,» says Diana Kladova, Head of the DTEK Grids Communications Department.

Reference. The Digital Communication Awards was founded in 2011 by the Quadriga University of Applied Sciences (Germany), host of the Global Communication Summit, Europe’s largest communications conference. This international competition evaluates the best practical and academic projects in digital communications. In 2020, the award was held entirely online due to quarantine restrictions.

Finalists in the Disruptive Communications 2020 nomination are Tinkoff Bank (winner), Luxembourg National Research Fund, Unilever Russia, and Henkel International.

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