Participants of the MBA program "Energy of Innovation" made an online tour to the Scandinavian countries

Participants of the MBA program "Energy of Innovation" made an online tour to the Scandinavian countries
Participants of the MBA program "Energy of Innovation" made an online tour to the Scandinavian countries

One of the key features of the flagship program "Energy of Innovation" is practical approach of the entire learning process, particulary the planning and implementation of a breakthrough team business project. An important part of the program is an international tour to advanced economies in order to explore the best practices and cases of the world's leading companies and learn from their experience in the implementation of innovative projects. All 8 projects, on which teams are working are aimed at breakthrough solutions in the energy sector.

Scandinavian countries became the focus of the international tour, as they are the creators of the new era of renewable energy and sustainable development. The tour program is specially designed for specific projects of the participants in order to acquaint them with the leading innovative technologies in the energy sector and give them the opportunity to apply their experience in their own projects. Despite the fact that COVID-19 made its own adjustments, participants were able to travel through Scandinavia, albeit virtual for now. The first country to be visited became Norway, the world's leader in per capita electricity production.

Leading Norwegian companies shared their experience:

  • Otto Sverdrup, Vice President of one of the largest multinational energy company Equinor - about the transformation of Equinor from a 100% fossil fuel into a diversified global energy company.
  • ROAF company, which recycles 95% of the country's waste - about the collection, sorting and recycling of waste.
  • CEO of Seabased - about wave power plants that provide stable electricity generation at a competitive price from renewable energy sources.

Afterwards participants of the flagship program "Energy of Innovation" headed to the Kingdom of Denmark - the world leader in the production of wind energy per capita with an ambitious, but quite realistic goal of completely switching to renewable sources in the production of heat and electricity by 2035.

Tatiana Kobchenko, Representative of the Danish Embassy in Ukraine, gave an overview of the energy sector in the country and Lisa Larsen, Project Manager for Renewable Energy at the State of Green, shared with the participants the specifics of Danish climate legislation and global industry challenges. Participants were able to delve deeper into how government and business collaborate to achieve common goals in both the energy sector and fulfill the obligations of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, as well as immersed themselves in the technological aspects of the industry, namely data management using the example of Energinet's DataHub.

The last day of the international online tour participants virtually spent in Sweden, a country that plans to switch 100% to renewable energy by 2040 and is a world leader in waste management and recycling. Swedish companies are working on waste-to-energy systems that add value to waste.

Participants also had a unique opportunity to get to know the first climate positive data centre in Sweden with the company EcoDataCenter. Borlänge Energi and IVL shared their experience in waste management in Sweden and its path towards zero landfill since 1975, as well as technologies for converting waste to energy.

How was the largest plant in Europe for the production of innovative batteries, which are based on high-efficiency energy cells of the first generation was created, what are the latest innovations in Sweden and in the world in general, what are the conditions for sustainable energy consumption, without the use of fossil fuels, and how the Swedish Energy Agency is funding research on renewable energy technologies - these and much more the participants learned during the last day of the international online tour.

Despite the changes brought about by the pandemic, the online international tour became an opportunity for participants and project teams to exchange experiences, practices and contacts to implement their own breakthrough projects within DTEK's businesses. Participants noted that the tour provided an opportunity to look at the energy sector from a different angle and were inspired by the innovative technologies of the Scandinavian countries.

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