DTEK collaborates with Pro Bono Club Ukraine to provide expert support to Ukrainian NGOs

DTEK collaborates with Pro Bono Club Ukraine to provide expert support to Ukrainian NGOs
DTEK collaborates with Pro Bono Club Ukraine to provide expert support to Ukrainian NGOs

Throughout May and June, DTEK's top managers and specialists will share their expertise and practical experience with the Pro Bono Club Ukraine platform, in the format of webinars, expert interviews and consultations. Focus topics within the planned set of activities will involve communication techniques, organizational development, branding of organizations and digital transformation.

Ukrainian public organizations, that have registered for events on the Pro Bono Club Ukraine platform, can participate in the events.

Being a socially responsible business, DTEK is ready to cooperate and create long-term values ​​for society. The company also has extensive business experience and is always ready to share it. Therefore, online consultations with the teams of the UN Global Compact in Ukraine and the Training and Rehabilitation Center “Dzherelo” (Lviv) are currently planned. The first webinar in the format of a master class will take place on May 14 at 14:00. The topic of the meeting is "How to build an organization's brand. Case YASNO”. More information about this and future webinars can be found on the Pro Bono Club Ukraine website.

"The development of society is an important task for any business. As a socially responsible business, DTEK focuses on achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which it has included in the ESG strategy. Ensuring a comprehensive and equitable quality education and encouraging lifelong learning opportunities for all are among DTEK's social partnership priorities”, said Olga ZakharovaDirector of DTEK Corporate Communications.

"Pro Bono partnerships provide an opportunity to create a society in which we want to live, build trust between people and develop a culture of mutual assistance. Working together in this direction leads not only to strengthening the public sector or more progressive social responsibility of entrepreneurs - this is another win-win format of relationship between business and the public sector", said Anastasiia Slavianska, Pro Bono Club Ukraine coordinator.

Based on the results of all planned activities, a report will be published, which will become the basis for the preparation of the next stage of DTEK's cooperation with NGOs. This is not the first experience of DTEK's cooperation with Pro Bono Club Ukraine. Previously, the company also participated in the European Pro Bono Summit. DTEK’s embrace of supporting public organizations is not only a testament to the effectiveness of this format and demand from the public sector, but it should also serve as an example for other companies operating in Ukraine.

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