The eighth edition of DTEK's youth educational project has started

The eighth edition of DTEK's youth educational project has started
The eighth edition of DTEK's youth educational project has started

The eighth edition of DTEK's educational project to support children and youth has begun: students will take energy efficiency courses and learn leadership and teamwork. The project is now in his 8th edition, during which time it has brought together more than half a million children, teachers and parents across the country. The training courses are approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and meet the requirements of the New Ukrainian School. In the new wave of " Energy efficient schools" - new competitions, activities and even an experiment.

 The uniqueness of DTEK’s project is that the free online platform allows students to gain up-to-date knowledge and practical skills in housing management and energy saving in any format - individually, in the classroom or throughout the school - and in any locality.

 Participants in the 8th edition will have the opportunity to master courses for different age categories, take part in competitions and play the author's game "The Smart House".

 "We are all living in unique times, given the need to minimise contacts. But for us, it is not a challenge, because the basis of the project is an online platform that allows students to learn remotely. We are expanding the range of participants by involving elementary school students this year in a new interactive online course “My Energy Efficient Home”. Imagine educational materials in the form of comics, and to become the best - you need to win in online games. We have also prepared competitions for eco-volunteers, distance quests and many other challenges with prizes for all participants. It will be really cool! Join us”, said Ruslan Tormosov, Executive Director of the Institute for Local Development (project’s main partner).

 Moreover, the 2020-2021 school year will be special, as an educational pilot program will be launched, based on the results of which will see separate modules of the courses "My Energy Efficient House" (for 4th grade) and "Alphabet of Fundamentals of Housing and Communal Management" (for 9-11 grades) will become compulsory subjects in schools. During the pilot projects, teachers from 23 schools in Dnipropetrovsk region will creatively rework course materials and integrate them into the programs of compulsory subjects to improve the knowledge and practical skills of children. The experiment will last three years. After that, the Ministry of Education and Science will be able to assess the success of teaching and the benefits of new knowledge, which thereafter will then see modified programs with modules on energy efficiency extended to all schools in the country.

 DTEK is systematically developing the educational project "Energy Efficient Schools: New Generation", as it contributes to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and complies with the ESG principles, which guide the company in implementing its own development strategy.

 "Thanks to the project" Energy Efficient Schools "the number of conscious consumers of energy resources in our country is increasing every year and today is hundreds of thousands of children and adults. DTEK, as a business that acts in the interests of the country, makes a lot of efforts to support talented young people and their development in the regions of business presence and beyond. "The Energy Efficient Schools project will soon be extended to Eastern European countries and gain international status, which is an indicator of its effectiveness and necessity for young people," commented DTEK Energy Director for Regional Policy Tatiana Overina

 "Energy Efficient Schools: New Generation" is an innovative online educational program for children from 8 to 16 years old, aimed at educating environmental values, responsible attitude to energy consumption, improving energy efficiency of housing. The program was developed with the support of DTEK by the Institute of Local Development, certified by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine and complies with the principles of the New Ukrainian School. The project has been implemented since 2012 and today covers almost 1,600 schools in 500 settlements of Ukraine. Each school reduces electricity consumption by at least 10% during participation. During the year, all schools reduce carbon emissions by 1,800 tonnes.

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