Pavlogradska CCM Will Be Saving 70% of Electricity for Lighting with LED

Pavlogradska CCM Will Be Saving 70% of Electricity for Lighting with LED
Pavlogradska CCM Will Be Saving 70% of Electricity for Lighting with LED

Andrii Fedorov, Director of DTEK Pavlogradska CCM:

“This retrofitting will allow us to save 1.1 million kWh, or 1.8 million hryvnias, on electric lighting. There will be no more dark places left in the mill’s main building. The illuminance levels will increase threefold. And owing to LED fixtures longevity, they are not going to need replacement for several years.”

The enterprise employees have already appraised the new electric lighting from practical side.

Svitlana Rudchykova, Crane Machinist, DTEK Pavlogradska CCM:

“I work every other night shift, and for me as a crane machinist good and quality lighting is crucial. It has become considerably easier and more pleasant to work after installation of the lights. There’s another benefit that this lighting doesn’t strain the eyes. You can see everything like during the day, and your eyes rest. That’s a great improvement. It has been helping me in my professional operation much ever since.”

Inna Kononova, Coal Processing Operator, DTEK Pavlogradska CCM:

“I’ve been working at the mill for 17 years. Night shifts are frequent. You can imagine that in the shops where many various mechanisms operate lighting cannot be underestimated. Now, we can see everything at night like it’s day. And the territory is like a goldfish bowl now. In my opinion, first of all, this retrofitting will allow us to keep injury events even less frequent.”

Ihor Tirunov, Chief Process Engineer of DTEK Pavlogradska CCM:

“We initiated this project last year while we were training in energy efficiency in industry at DTEK ESCO. Doing our ‘homework’ – the independent energy audit of the enterprise – we realized that a formidable economy can be achieved from simple replacement of lighting. And the experience of our colleagues at DTEK Dobropilska CEP, where they have already had two similar projects implemented, has inspired us even more. DTEK ESCO has funded the energy-efficient project development at 100%, involved Ukrainian contractors and equipment manufacturers and guarantees the achievement of electric energy economy. We are happy with the results of this project.”

Yevhen Bushma, Director of DTEK ESCO:

“Pavlogradska CCM puts much effort into energy efficiency improvement through production automation and innovations. We assist in achievement of several energy efficiency goals at this enterprise: retrofitting of the electric lighting system, planning of thermal improvement of the administrative and amenities complex, and retrofitting of the pump and conveyor equipment. All projects are fulfilled based on energy service contracts. That means, we fund and execute the projects on the turnkey basis, guarantee the achievement of energy resources saving, and then we split the savings with our client. After the contract expires, all the equipment is kept by the client. It is possible to improve public sector facilities and multi-apartment residential buildings in Pavlohrad and Dnipropetrovsk Region in general as well in a similar fashion.”

It should be recalled that DTEK ESCO has already completed two projects on retrofitting of electric lighting of the main building and the conveyor galleries section at DTEK Dobropilska CEP. Four hundred and seventy fire-safe LED fixtures from Ukrainian manufacturer IntelTech Ukraine LLC have been installed there. The electric lighting savings have reached 85 to 90%. For more details about other energy-efficient projects see

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