World Bank and DTEK Verify GHG Emission Monitoring Plan

World Bank and DTEK Verify GHG Emission Monitoring Plan
World Bank and DTEK Verify GHG Emission Monitoring Plan

Verifiers were interested in operating measuring equipment, technological processes and production cycle. The specialists got acquainted with the greenhouse gas monitoring plan, shared their experience and gave methodological recommendations. As a result, a verification report of the Monitoring Plan is being prepared.
"DTEK, as a socially responsible business, is interested in reducing its impact on the environment and is ready to introduce the best European practices in its production for this. The application of the international system for monitoring and verification of greenhouse gases is a promising project. Its purpose is not a momentary but steady effect. Its implementation will allow Ukraine to develop a policy in the field of climate change, to reduce emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere, and law-abiding enterprises - to obtain additional economic benefits, "says Irina Verbitskaya, head of the department of environmental safety of DTEK.
Recall, after the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU, Ukraine in June, 2014, undertook to implement a number of environmental directives of the European Union. This includes Directive No. 2003/87 / EC, which establishes a system for trading greenhouse gas emissions quotas.

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