DTEK Coal Plant Will Save about 90% of Electric Power for Lighting

DTEK Coal Plant Will Save about 90% of Electric Power for Lighting
DTEK Coal Plant Will Save about 90% of Electric Power for Lighting

DTEK ESCO has implemented the first energy service project in the coal industry that envisaged the replacement of 339 old lamps with inefficient light bulbs with new, LED-based ones, at Dobropil’s’ka CEP. As a result, the company achieved savings of 90.5% of electric power used for lighting. In a year’s term, this project will allow making savings of more than 1M kWh, which is comparable to the electric power consumed annually by five to six multi-apartment residential buildings in Dobropillia.

At the initial stage of this project, DTEK ESCO engineers conducted an energy audit of Dobropil’s’ka CEP, determined the savings potential and developed a list of measures required to achieve the objectives of the project. The CEP’s energy managers made a suggestion that the light fixtures installed in the main building should be the first to be replaced. A five-year’s energy service contract was made to facilitate the implementation of the project.

In cooperation with CEP’s energy managers, DTEK ESCO’s engineers performed a feasibility study, conducted a tender procedure and selected a contractor who performed design, installation, and commissioning work on a turn-key basis. The equipment was supplied by Ukrainian design and installations company E A Solutions LLC, which is an engineering partner of the Ukrainian manufacturer of LED lighting equipment Inteltech Ukraine LLC. Fire-safe lamps manufactured by Inteltech LLC from anodised aluminum and light-transmitting polycarbonate have been installed in course of the project implementation, and these light fixtures have the following characteristics:

  • luminaire efficiency – more than 120 lm/W;
  • color rendering index – more than 80%;
  • IP Rating – IP65 (DSTU IEC 60598-1);
  • expected service life (luminous power reduction by up to 30%) – 85,000 hours.

In addition to the lamps, the contractors have replaced more than 6 km of cable lines, all switchgear rooms, light controls, and have also installed individual electric power meters for emergency and operating lighting.

The benefits produced by power saving will be shared 70/30 between DTEK ESCO and the CEP. In five years, after the energy service contract expires, 100% savings and all the light fixtures that have been installed will be retained by DTEK Dobropil’s’ka CEP.

“By replacing the lamps, we have improved working conditions for our employees and provided the lighting comfortable for their vision. At the same time, we have improved industrial safety by reducing a risk of injuries caused by insufficient lighting. The lamps are protected against dust and humidity, which is relevant for coal production. Furthermore, the load on the old cable system was reduced, thus preventing unwanted heating of contacts, which further enhanced industrial safety. We are not going to have to keep replacing lamps or have to deal with their disposal, as LED-lamps have service life of at least 50,000 hours and are environmentally friendly,” said Nadiya Sudak, Director of DTEK Dobropil’s’ka CEP.

“Energy service gives our clients an opportunity to introduce innovations, upgrade buildings and production facilities using our investments only and without spending their own resources. Clients can make multiple savings, i.e., from the development of a project and its implementation, by saving energy resources and reducing operating costs, by mitigating manufacturing risks and reducing the environmental tax. The similar approach can be used for state-financed facilities, such as schools, kindergartens, hospitals as well as residential multi-apartment buildings,” told Yevhen Bushma, Director of DTEK ESCO.


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