DTEK Will Help Pavlohrad School Students Study the Basics of Energy Conservation

DTEK Will Help Pavlohrad School Students Study the Basics of Energy Conservation
DTEK Will Help Pavlohrad School Students Study the Basics of Energy Conservation

2016-2017 Pavlohrad participants include students of Kocherezhky and Mezhyrichchia teaching and educational complexes, as well as secondary schools in Pryvovchanske, Troitske, and Karabynivka.

Students will conduct their own practical research on energy audit of school premises and information campaigns to promote energy conservation. Children will get to know how electric power and heat are produced, how they are supplied to our homes and enterprises, and how to avoid energy losses. This time, students will be trained using, among other things, a specially developed online platform, where each student can conduct energy audit calculations and plan energy-efficient activities in their Personal Account.

“Energy efficiency has been one of the priorities in DTEK’s sustainable development activities for several years. “Energy Efficient Schools” project will foster the culture of careful resource consumption and conservation in students. The 2016 training will put a special premium on interactivity. Developed with DTEK’s support, online game Smart House will allow children participating in “ABC of Housing and Municipal Management" course to try acting as a host and learn how to use resources properly in a fun way. Following the course, students will put forward their own energy efficiency projects and help their schools actually conserve energy. By implementing the project, we invest in our future,” said Victoria Hryb, Head of the Social Development Department of DTEK Energy.

Curators coordinate the training process, there are three specialists in the Western Donbas who have qualified for the role and passed the training, and they work with students at the first project stage.

The training will end in June 2017. Following this optional course, students will develop their own projects to reduce energy consumption and improve comfort of educational institutions, while municipal authorities and village councils will join forces with DTEK and manufacturers of energy-saving equipment to fund the implementation of the best projects. Thus, children will get to see and experience the results and benefits of new knowledge.

In general, this is the project’s fourth wave in Ukraine. “Energy Efficient Schools” received the Grand Prix of the best social project competition in Ukraine in 2015.

216 schools in 24 settlements throughout Ukraine have participated in the programme since 2012. In the Western Donbas, 23 schools participated with about 24 thousand people engaged in the process of training and energy saving.

In 2016, 57 schools were selected to participate in the first project stage in14 cities, districts, united communities in the areas where DTEK enterprises operate, including 20 schools of the Western Donbas.

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