DTEK ESCO Helped Kurakhivska CCM Save 30% of Electricity on Pump Operation

DTEK ESCO Helped Kurakhivska CCM Save 30% of Electricity on Pump Operation
DTEK ESCO Helped Kurakhivska CCM Save 30% of Electricity on Pump Operation

The retrofitted pump unit provide transport water supply to the sieving section where run-of-mine coal is desilted. The specialists of DTEK ESCO have installed a 160 kW frequency converter to control the pump electric motor, as well as pressure and level switches and a controller to automate the frequency converter operation. The new equipment ensures optimal operation of the pump, protects the system against hydraulic shocks and improves the coal preparation process reliability.

"Thanks to the level and pressure switches, the controller automatically sets an optimal operation mode for the pump electric motor and controls its power by means of the frequency converter. As a result, there is no more need in controlling the performance manually with gate valves, and no extra energy is wasted. Besides, in course of the project implementation, a standalone system for metering the electric power consumed by the pump unit has been deployed and a convenient control panel has been installed in the control room. The electric energy saving effect appears to be even 10% better than expected,” said Yurii Dolbiiev, Director of Kurakhivska CCM.

The project was developed by the CCM’s employees when they were training in DTEK ESCO by the program ‘CCM Energy Management System and Energy Audit’. “We have carried out a brief energy audit of our CCM and developed a list of energy-saving actions, including this project, as a home task. And DTEK ESCO has helped us to bring it to life through the energy service mechanism,” said Oleksandr Koparev, Chief Process Engineer.

“As an investor, DTEK ESCO has funded 100% of the project’s cost and executed it on the turnkey basis: they have designed a technical solution, selected equipment and provided its supply, performed installation and commissioning. The resulting savings will be shared between DTEK ESCO and Kurakhivska CCM. After the contract expiration, 100% of savings and the equipment itself will be transferred to the CCM,” said Yevhen Bushma, Director of DTEK ESCO.

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