Dobropilska CEP Saved 2 Million Hryvnias on Electric Lighting

Dobropilska CEP Saved 2 Million Hryvnias on Electric Lighting
Dobropilska CEP Saved 2 Million Hryvnias on Electric Lighting

The economy has been attained as a result of the first energy service project on retrofitting of the electric lighting system. Last year, DTEK ESCO energy service company has funded and installed 340 power-saving LED lamps in the CEP’s main building and replaced 6 km of cabling. The illuminance level at the enterprise has improved three-fold, thus improving comfort for employees and industrial safety. All the fixtures are fire-safe and moisture-resistant.

“Those calculations and plans we have done together with our colleagues from DTEK ESCO a year ago, they all have proven themselves in practice. Involving no own funds, with the help of energy service our enterprise has achieved economy and now possesses a modern lighting system compliant with best of the standards,” said Oleksandr Yarmolenko, Chief Power Engineer.

“The project at Dobropilska CEP has shown that upgrading electric lighting systems with involvement of energy service is beneficial for the customer enterprise. Such projects are easy to scale. We have already finished the second project for the CEP – on retrofitting of lighting at the conveyor galleries section, and now we are preparing to do the third project to improve savings even more. We have already upgraded the electric lighting system at Pavlogradska CCM,” said Yevhen Bushma, Director of DTEK ESCO.

“Energy efficiency for us is not just saving power and money for the enterprise. The projects allowing to improve industrial safety and labor conditions for our employees are of top priority. Retrofitting the enterprise by means of energy service mechanism allows to solve all such tasks. We therefore don’t stop at the achieved targets, but we are planning new energy-efficient projects,” said Nadiia Sudak, Director of DTEK Dobropilska CEP.

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