Frank Siebert appointed DTEK Finance and Strategy Director

Frank Siebert appointed DTEK Finance and Strategy Director
Frank Siebert appointed DTEK Finance and Strategy Director

Frank Siebert is a senior executive with many years of experience gained in Eastern Europe, Germany and the UK. In 2012-2018, Frank represented the interests of shareholders in Nabucco, an international gas pipeline construction project. Earlier, Frank had been an executive at Ruhrgas and E.ON, Germany’s largest energy company, for 19 years.

“One of DTEK’s key objectives is to get prepared for a competitive energy market. It means that the processes inside the company must change and the expertise of our management team should be expanded. We must learn to compete for our customers, new technologies and investment capital. This will help DTEK maintain its leadership position in the new market environment. European energy companies completed the market reform process ten years ago. Thus, Frank’s expertise will be essential for DTEK today, as he has been through the liberalisation of the European energy sector with E.ON,” said DTEK CEO Maxim Timchenko.

“Ukrainian energy sector is on the verge of global transformations driven by the initiated reforms and objectives set by the Energy Strategy of Ukraine. The country has a great potential to build a new energy market shortly to compete with the European markets on equal terms. I see that DTEK is actively promoting this transformation, and I have an opportunity to contribute to these changes,” noted Frank Siebert.

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