Through the storm and the wind. DTEK enrichers conquered the highest point of Ukraine

Through the storm and the wind. DTEK enrichers conquered the highest point of Ukraine

DTEK12 February 2018

February winds and frosts did not frighten the beneficiaries of DTEK CEF Dobropolskaya, which, as part of the expedition "The First Peak of 2018", climbed 2,061 meters above sea level in the Ukrainian Carpathians. On February 6, the conquerors of the peaks unfurled the flag of the concentrating mill and the Ukrugleprofsoyuz on Goverla.

Through the storm and the wind. DTEK enrichers conquered the highest point of Ukraine

The expedition to Hoverla * was organized by the volunteer public organization "East Wind". It consists of 15 people. In order for the bold idea to come true, it took the help of sponsors - the trade union committee of the Dobropol central concentrator of DTEK Energo.

"In recent years, the collective of our factory has implemented several important projects," said DTEK director Dobropolskaya Nadezhda Sudak. - And every time, when we started a new project, we were preparing to conquer it, as climbers conquer new peaks. Therefore, we willingly supported the initiatives of Dobropolskaya activists and financially helped in organizing the expedition for our employees. I am sure that such examples motivate people not only to actively play sports and lead a healthy lifestyle, but also to strive for new victories in the professional sphere. "

"The ascent and descent lasted a long nine hours. We climbed a 18 km long route with a height difference of up to 1,200 meters. Mountains covered a meter layer of snow, a burning wind blew in our faces, but we went forward, overcoming not so much bad weather as ourselves. When they climbed to the top of Goverly, they could not believe for a long time that they could do this, - recalls the veteran electrician on duty and repairs the equipment of DTEK Dobropolskaya Vitaliy Baburin. - Thanks to the trade union committee and the factory administration for supporting our initiative and giving us the opportunity to test our strength. This victory inspired us to new achievements! ".

  * Goverla - the highest mountain and the highest point on the territory of Ukraine. From Hungarian the name translates as "snow mountain", so the snow on top lies even in summer. Goverla is located on the border of Transcarpathian and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. Refers to the Chernogor ridge in the Carpathians. The height of the mountain is 2,061 m above sea level. From October 1 to May 1, ascent to Goverla is allowed only for climbers and mountain tourists, since the rise is complicated due to weather conditions (snow, frost, strong wind).


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