The YASNO E-mobility network has doubled

The YASNO E-mobility network has doubled

DTEK04 June 2020

In two years, YASNO E-mobility * has increased to 23 high-speed charging stations for electric vehicles in Kyiv and on the routes to Lviv, Odessa, Poltava. 5,000 registered customers have been charged in the network more than 80 thousand times. The main advantage of the network, in addition to reliability and European quality, is the ability to quickly recharge - an average of 12 minutes and partnerships with home charger owners.

The YASNO E-mobility network has doubled

The first 10 YASNO high-speed stations became available to electric motorists in June 2018 in the parking lots of the largest shopping and business centers in Kyiv. Now in the capital and on the main roads of the country there are 23 YASNO chargers with a capacity of 50 kW from the European manufacturer ABB. The average distance between stations on the tracks is 100-150 km. Investments of electricity supplier and energy efficient solutions YASNO in the development of electric vehicle infrastructure in Ukraine exceeded 30 million UAH.

Multi-format stations are able to provide simultaneous charging of two electric vehicles of any brand (directly or through an adapter). You can find free charging in the capital or on the highway, as well as pay for the service through a special application in your mobile phone.

In November 2019, YASNO expanded the list of offers for motorists. In addition to fast recharging, owners of electric vehicles have the opportunity to purchase stations for home and corporate use and, if desired, to receive additional income. The charger offered by YASNO E-mobility is manufactured in accordance with European quality standards. Owners of existing car chargers from other manufacturers can also connect to the network: add your device to the card, charge customers and earn income.

"In two years, the number of electric cars in Ukraine has tripled. We support this trend by developing a charging infrastructure. YASNO takes care of the convenience and time savings for recharging electric cars, as well as expands the possibilities of traveling around the country.
In addition, we have developed an ecosystem of "green" products and services. For example, a dual-zone meter for energy-efficient sets YASNO Smart will charge an electric car 2 times cheaper at the "night" rate. YASNO Efficiency rooftop solar power plants with a turnkey installation will provide electric cars with environmentally friendly energy and will bring income to the family thanks to the "green tariff".

"Energy storage systems will help to store solar or cheap" night "electricity for 1-2 weeks for full autonomy of the house," said Alexander Onishchenko, Development Director of YASNO. The company plans to continue expanding the network of additional services.


YASNO E-mobility * - until November 2019, the network operated under the name STRUM.


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