Philipp Leckebusch appointed CEO of DTEK RENEWABLES

Philipp Leckebusch appointed CEO of DTEK RENEWABLES

DTEK02 May 2018

Philipp Leckebusch will strengthen our team and be responsible for the accomplishment of DTEK's strategic objectives for the development of renewable energy projects and to increase the installed capacity to 1 GW in the next 3 years

Philipp Leckebusch appointed CEO of DTEK RENEWABLES

Philipp Leckebusch has decades of experience in senior management positions in the electrical power and utility industry, as well as the renewable energy sector. During the last 10 years, he had led the development and operation of numerous projects in the areas of geothermal, wind, solar and biogas renewable energy at Ferrostaal and MVV Energy (Germany). Particularly in MVV Energy, he had successfully managed the transformation of the company’s conventional power plant portfolio towards a growing renewable energy asset base. Previously, he held managerial positions in the companies Alstom and ABB.

 “One of the main priorities of the Ukraine’s Energy strategy is the intensive development of renewable energy sources. This is essential both for upgrading the generation capacity base and for improving the environmental performance of the Ukrainian energy sector. DTEK plans to increase the installed capacities of solar and wind power plants to 1 GW. To this end, we are implementing unique projects for the country in the partnership with global leaders in the field of machinery and electric power engineering as China Machinery Engineering Company (CMEC) and General Electric. The expertise of Philipp Leckebusch in the field of new technologies is vital for achieving these goals. Philipp was a participant of the process when European countries were reforming the energy sector. This experience is especially in demand today, when Ukraine has embarked on the path of energy liberalization, — said Maksym Timchenko, CEO of DTEK. 

“Renewable generation development will have a huge impact on the future of world energy markets. Ukraine has a large potential in the RES industry and is currently entering a transitional period according to its Energy Strategy. It is an important decision for the future development and success of the countries’ energy sector, — Philipp Leckebusch said. — I see that DTEK RENEWABLES is the company, which may become a respected leader in renewable energy in Europe.  I am happy to join the team of DTEK RENEWABLES and to have the opportunity to make a contribution in developing clean and safe energy generation in the Ukraine.”


DTEK is a strategic holding company that develops business in the energy sector. DTEK’s companies employ 73 thousand people. Maxim Timchenko is the Chief Executive Officer of DTEK.
DTEK companies produce coal and natural gas, generate electric power at the fossil-fuel fired power plants and renewable energy power plants, supply thermal and electric power to end consumers, and provide energy services. The operating companies directly manage production companies in each of the business streams.
DTEK’s production indicators for 2017: the company has produced 27.7 mn tonnes of coal, 1.655 bcm of natural gas, generated (supplied) 37.1 bn kWh of electric power, of which 637.8 mn kWh have been provided by the renewable energy sources; and transmitted 43.2 bn kWh of electric power via the grid.
DTEK is a part of the financial and industrial group System Capital Management (SCM). The shareholder of the group is Rinat Akhmetov.
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