Participants of Academy DTEK’s flagship programme of "Energy of Innovation" met again at the 7th module on team and interpersonal interactions

Participants of Academy DTEK’s flagship programme of "Energy of Innovation" met again at the 7th module on team and interpersonal interactions

DTEK02 October 2020

Participants of Academy DTEK’s flagship programme of "Energy of Innovation" met again at the 7th module on team and interpersonal interactions

Why the participants of Academy DTEK’s flagship programme "Energy of Innovation" manage to implement such complex project tasks? There can be many assumptions, but at the same time their results would never be so brilliant if each of the participants worked independently. Things work differently if you go to the goal together. At the beginning of the programme, the participants were grouped in teams to work on innovative projects and now they show excellent results of teamwork. But there is no limit to perfection and even cohesive teams can work better if you dig deeper into the features of team and interpersonal interactions.


On September 16th-19th, the participants met again on the 7th module of the programme on "Team and Interpersonal Interactions”. The module symbolically started on the day of HR-managers. "We believe that any managerial and leadership transformations are possible only through live interaction: team and interpersonal, so, adhering to enhanced security measures, the module was held in an offline format," says Mariana Khomitska, head of the programme.


  • The module was opened by Oleksandr Kucherenko, Sustainable Development Director of DTEK, who emphasized the team's role as a key gene for successful business. Together with Oleksandr, the participants discussed how to create a highly motivated team.
  • Anna Vlasova, Director of the HRM School, KSE Lecturer, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, Business Consultant, continued the topic of team management. Anna revealed the topic of team building, teamwork, as well as team tools for solving problems.
  • The culmination of the team management course was a speech by FC Shakhtar head coach Luis Manuel Ribeiro di Castro and FC Shakhtar Marketing and Communications Director Yuri Sviridov on Alex Ferguson's book “Manchester United Style Management”. Yuriy asked the most resonant questions of the book and together with the participants of the programme raised the topic of team interaction in football and business.
  • Don McKinsey, Managing Director of the Adizes Institute in Australia and a member of the World Executive Committee of the Adizes Institute, shared his international experience in managing teams for successful project implementation.
  • Valeria Zabolotna, rector of Academy DTEK, summed up the team management course, spoke about group phenomena that can significantly complicate management, and shared the results of a recent study by Academy DTEK on the characteristics of highly efficient teams. And the point of the two-day work on the team management course was set in an unusual way, with the help of the African drum circle - a game where people, drums, rhythms and music are combined in the synergy of creativity.
  • Teamwork is impossible without negotiations. Therefore, they moved from team management to the peculiarities of internal negotiations together with Natalia Baikalova, a business psychologist and a leading specialist in the field of negotiations, strategy and management consulting of top managers and politicians. A good example of everything the participants worked on during the day was the experience of Lyudmila Nefedova, project and programme manager at the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, in the Ministry's transformation projects.
  • On the last day of the module, participants immersed themselves in the neuromanagement of interpersonal interactions with Natalia Kadja, a neuromanagement expert. And completed it with a real practical task and a personal challenge - a rope course Light. Its task is to quickly involve the group in teamwork, and the main idea is to teach the leader to listen to his team, learn to use all its resources to solve business problems, motivate and inspire people to accomplish and achieve results.


«Energy of Innovation» is Academy DTEK’s practical EMBA programme of the executive level, the result of which is an implemented team business project. More about the programme:



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