DTEK Energy switches TPPs to an isolated mode of operation during quarantine

DTEK Energy switches TPPs to an isolated mode of operation during quarantine

Power distribution20 March 2020

Due to the introduction of quarantine, DTEK Energy switches its power generation enterprises to a special work schedule. Part of the operational staffof TPPs, which is necessary to ensure continuous production of electricity, will strictly operate in isolation. This will ensure the stable operation of the country's strategic enterprises and will minimize the spread of the infection.

DTEK Energy switches TPPs to an isolated mode of operation during quarantine

Employees will be provided with the necessary conditions to be able to comfortably work and rest while on company grounds. Meals will be provided to employees three-times per day and any necessary medical support, which will come at the company’s expense. The teams of energy workers, which will stay at the enterprises, were formed on a voluntary basis.

“The coronavirus pandemic is a serious challenge for our company and the whole country. We understand that TPPs are critical infrastructure enterprises that should permanently work. Electricity is a necessity, along with water and bread. We have followed China's successful experience in enterprise quarantine isolation and have decided to isolate some of our personnel on our TPPs using the same principle. As such, we will be able to reduce the risks of spreading the infection in the region and at the same time to ensure the reliability of the power system of Ukraine”, said DTEK Energy CEO Dmytro Sakharuk.

The remaining employees of TPPs will work remotely, while some will be idle. At DTEK Energy mines and Corum engineering plants (also part of the company), personnel were also partially transferred to remote operation. For employees, who support work in the production processes, the company will organise visual control and temperature measurement at checkpoints and workplaces. An enhanced cleaning and disinfection regimen has been introduced in the premises, with doctors and medical personnel constantly on duty. Contractors and drivers of working buses will carry out the additional disinfection of their vehicles.

The company regularly informs employees about personal hygiene rules and other precautions.

DTEK Energy is closely monitoring developments and adjusting its work in accordance with the requirements of the authorities and the recommendations of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the World Health Organization.


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