Electric Lighting Efficiency Increased by 89% at DTEK Zaporizka TPP

Electric Lighting Efficiency Increased by 89% at DTEK Zaporizka TPP

DTEK20 December 2018

DTEK Zaporizka TPP has undergone an energy-efficient project on retrofitting of the lighting system at 300 MW and 325 MW units’ turbine halls. Due to replacement of old lamps with 162 new energy-efficient LED fixtures, the enterprise has improved labour conditions for the employees along with the production safety. The new lighting system is 89% more efficient than the old incandescent lamps and mercury fixtures.

Electric Lighting Efficiency Increased by 89% at DTEK Zaporizka TPP

The retrofitting project has been funded and executed on a turnkey basis by DTEK ESCO. Besides installation of new beehive-like lighting fixtures with special radiators, the company has replaced 2.4 km of cabling, mounted new lighting switchboards, and introduced a metering process for the electricity consumed by the lighting system. And twilight sensors installed with the project allow to adjust the illumination level in a turbine hall depending on the natural ambient lighting.

“For this project, our specialists have re-engineered the electric lighting system with the dedicated software, selected optimal fixture models, mounted them and put into operation. As a result, the illumination levels in the turbine hall now comply with standards: 75-215 lux depending on the area. The new lighting system will allow to save more than 500 thousand kWh or around 900 thousand UAH spent on lighting each year,” said Yevhen Bushma, CEO of DTEK ESCO. 

“Considering positive results of our pilot project, we are planning to install LED lighting at 150/330 kV switchyards and in belt conveyor galleries, thus ensuring safety of maintenance of coal transporting and electric energy equipment,” said Ruslan Shudzhan, Head of Electrical Department at DTEK Zaporizka TPP.


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