An 85% increase in outdoor substation lighting efficiency at DTEK Kryvorizka TPP

An 85% increase in outdoor substation lighting efficiency at DTEK Kryvorizka TPP

DTEK08 January 2019

DTEK Kryvorizka TPP had an energy efficiency project completed to partially renovate the lighting system at the 150/330 kV outdoor substation. 15 present-day LEDs save 85% of lighting electricity consumption as compared to the old xenon floodlights.

An 85% increase in outdoor substation lighting efficiency at DTEK Kryvorizka TPP

"The renovation project was financed and implemented by DTEK ESCO on a turnkey basis. 15 LED floodlights, mounted on 9 masts, fully illuminate the power equipment, Buchholz relays, disconnectors and circuit breakers, cable couplings, driveways and passageways between equipment, and parking lot for vehicles. The current illumination level on the 150/330 kV outdoor substation site complies with the regulations. Over one year, the new lighting fixtures will save the company 550 ths kWh of auxiliary power consumption to the amount of UAH 900 ths," Serhiy Shovhelia, DTEK Kryvorizka TPP Director, said.

"Implementing lighting system renovation projects at such complicated industrial facilities as thermal power plants makes it possible for the personnel to work more comfortably and safely. This also improves the operational reliability of the power plant itself, which is one of the key generating facilities in Ukraine's energy system. The project used lighting fixtures similar to those that can be employed for street lighting," Ievhen Bushma, DTEK ESCO Director, said.

It is worth reminding that DTEK ESCO has already financed and implemented 9 lighting system renovation projects utilising LED fixtures: 3 projects at the Dobropilska CPP, the lighting systems at the Pavlohradska CPP, Ilyich Iron and Steel Works of Mariupol, Ladyzhynska, Zaporizka, Prydniprovska and Kryvorizka TPPs. Power savings from such projects reach 60 to 90% as compared to the old lighting systems.


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