Burners of Indurating Machines at Ilyich Iron and Steel Works Upgraded by DTEK ESCO Now Save 35% of Gas

Burners of Indurating Machines at Ilyich Iron and Steel Works Upgraded by DTEK ESCO Now Save 35% of Gas

DTEK19 November 2018

According to the energy-efficiency project, three indurating machines of Ilyich Iron and Steel Works have been fitted with 24 modern gas burners and 3 automation packages. This will save 35% of the gas at operation of the indurating machines: 1.6 million m3 of gas, or more than 16.5 million hryvnias per year. DTEK ESCO invested 14.4 million hryvnias in the project and completed it on a "turnkey" basis with a guarantee of savings.

Burners of Indurating Machines at Ilyich Iron and Steel Works Upgraded by DTEK ESCO Now Save 35% of Gas

Natural gas is used in the production process for the preparation of sinter. New burners use gas more efficiently in machines due to automatic regulation of gas supply pressure and uniform temperature distribution. Automatic burners equipped with controllers, temperature and gas pressure sensors.

“Due to the energy management system and the implementation of the program of energy-saving measures, our company has saved over 1 billion hryvnias in energy costs since 2012. Previously, we funded upgrade projects under the investment program with our own or borrowed funds. And we have raised funds through the energy service mechanism in order to replace the burners,” said Taras Shevchenko, CEO of Ilyich Iron and Steel Works.

“DTEK ESCO applied innovative equipment from leading global manufacturers in the course of upgrading the indurating machines. Additional benefits of the activities performed are the improvement of reliability of indurating machines and maintaining the quality of the chemical composition of the product (CaO + MgO content) with a smaller amount of used gas. The expected environmental effect is reduction in emissions of 3,000 tons of CO2 per year,” said Vitalii Holovchenko, Head of the Energy Saving Department of Ilyich Iron and Steel Works.

“Energy service is a comprehensive service. Based on the technical solution approved by Ilyich Iron and Steel Works, we carried out design work, supply of burner devices and automation, shut-off and control valves and materials, provided installation and commissioning work. Our company will be providing maintenance service of the installed equipment for several years, guarantees not only its reliable operation, but also the amount of gas savings recorded in the contract,” said Yevhen Bushma, Director of DTEK ESCO.


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