Getting Ready for Winter: How to Save Costs for Electric Power Fast and Easily

Getting Ready for Winter: How to Save Costs for Electric Power Fast and Easily

DTEK31 October 2018

People use 20–30% more electric power in the autumn and winter. The nights grow longer, the days get gloomy, and residents tend to switch the light on more often and use heaters and heated floors. The colder it gets, the bigger become their electric power bills. You can cut your family’s costs for power by as much as 50% with an integral approach.

Getting Ready for Winter: How to Save Costs for Electric Power Fast and Easily

“For maximum saving of power costs it is crucial to stick to the integral approach to energy efficiency and energy saving. First step, install a time-of-day electricity meter that allows to pay for electricity twice less 23:00 through 07:00. Some household chores can be scheduled for the night and morning times, like clothing and dish washing, electric heating, boiler operation. You can facilitate that with timer sockets that allow to set automatic switching of electric appliances on and off in convenient time or during reduced tariff period. And light-emitting-diode (LED) lamps consume up to 9 times less power than conventional incandescent lamps,” said Yevhen Bushma, Director of DTEK ESCO energy efficiency company.

A time-of-day meter with a fast connection service for people of Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk Regions and Kyiv, a smart socket with a timer, and LED lamps are in the Smart WATT energy-efficient kits. The electricity meter is replaced and registered for commercial metering by electricians of DTEK Grids. You can save your time by ordering the kit with the fast connection service online or by phone.

Use the online calculator at to figure how soon the kit costing 2,399 hryvnias pays off. Don’t postpone your economy and get your time-of-day electricity meter in credit paid off in a step-by-step manner. The more efficiently a family consumes electric power, the sooner the kit pays off and provides the net economy.

You can apply for a credit online without visiting a bank. You can study the terms for buying a kit on credit from PUMB Bank for the term of up to 24 months on the DTEK ESCO website while ordering. The final decision on providing the product in credit and signing of the credit contract are made directly in a post office. Convenient and does not take much time.


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