The Rinat Akhmetov Foundation supplied 300,000 rapid diagnostic tests for the detection of coronavirus to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

The Rinat Akhmetov Foundation supplied 300,000 rapid diagnostic tests for the detection of coronavirus to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

DTEK03 April 2020

The Rinat Akhmetov Foundation supplied 300,000 rapid diagnostic tests for the detection of coronavirus to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

The Rinat Akhmetov Foundation supplied 300,000 rapid diagnostic tests for COVID-19 to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. This is a contribution to the Stabilization Fund, created by the President to combat coronavirus. Today, rapid testing is the fastest way to detect a disease and is necessary to contain the epidemic.

“When the whole world and Ukraine faced the threat of the spread of coronavirus, the Foundation was the first in the country to respond to the threat of the epidemic, purchasing special equipment and protective equipment for doctors. Today, the Fund will provide Ukraine with 300’000 rapid tests for COVID-19. These devices will be supplied to state hospitals throughout the country, with their use coming free of charge. The devices will provide initial diagnosis, allowing for the rapid identification of the virus and the isolation of its carriers in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic”, said Natalya Yemchenko, a member of the Fund’s Supervisory Board.

She added that Rinat Akhmetov allocated 300 million UAH to fight COVID-19. To support the country, he has consolidated the efforts of the Foundation, FC Shakhtar, DTEK, Metinvest and other SCM businesses. Moreover, at least 200 ventilators and other equipment will also be acquired.

“It was a difficult task. Indeed, now about 200 countries are also interested in such medical equipment, suppliers have to be sought around the world. The fund coped with this task and contracts are signed. Now, an equally challenging task is to deliver these IVL to Ukraine in batches. The Foundation is actively working on this”, said Natalya Emchenko.

Assistant to the head coach and ambassador of Shakhtar football club Dario Srna passed the public test for coronavirus.

“300,000 tests are a great help to the whole Ukraine from Rinat Akhmetov. I am sure that people see and appreciate this. Today, there is a tactic to combat coronavirus, and tests are part of the tactic. The more tests, the more will be known about the virus and its ability to spread. But tactics do not work without discipline. Therefore, discipline today is the most important. I did the test because I am a very disciplined person, like my family. We do everything the doctors say. This is a rule that the coronavirus can easily defeat”, said Dario Srna. He also urged all Ukrainians to strictly observe quarantine.

Accepting a certificate of transfer of 300,000 express tests as charitable assistance, acting Director General of the State Institution “Center for Public Health of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine” Igor Kuzin said: “It is very important for us that the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation constantly helps and provides the country with the technical assistance that is most important in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Quick tests will be distributed across key regions. This will almost be proportional so that doctors can quickly make effective epidemiological decisions".

The President of the Association of Anesthetists, Doctor of Medical Sciences Sergey Dubrov also spoke about how the devices, supplied by the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation work:

“It only takes 15 minutes to pass the test. They take blood from a vein, drop it onto the tablet - and after 15 minutes you can evaluate the result. These tests are highly effective, they are not like the ones that caused trouble in Spain. There was another diagnostic method - by antigens. In these tests - for antibodies-immunoglobulins and very high sensitivity. They will help to properly sort patients during hospitalization and thereby reduce the number of in-hospital infections. 300,000 tests from the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation are tremendous help to Ukraine.”

Back in February, the Foundation was the first in the country to respond to the global challenge of the threat of the coronavirus epidemic. Equipment for the effective treatment of complications COVID-19 has already been purchased and transferred to the Ministry of Health. These are high-quality mechanical ventilation apparatus (IVL) SERVO-I UNIVERSAL and SERVO AIR of Swedish manufacture and oxygen concentrators.

In particular, ventilators from the Fund were installed in the Poltava Regional Infectious Diseases Hospital, Rivne Central City Hospital and Transcarpathian Regional Hospital. In these hospitals, in Poltava and Rivne, oxygen concentrators for mechanical ventilation are also installed. A separate concentrator from the Fund was delivered to the Volyn Regional Infectious Diseases Hospital. Medical facilities that have already received equipment from the Fund were determined by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

The Foundation also purchased personal protective equipment for Ukrainian doctors: a unique insulating mobile box for transporting infectious patients EgoZlin biobag EBV, a protective biological and anti-chemical suit with an EOBO-20 EgoZlin filter and ventilation unit, protective disposable overalls from chemicals, infrared thermometers with a laser pointer, multilayer respirators, face masks, goggles.

Another 22 ventilators were installed in neonatal ambulances transferred by the Foundation to all regions of the country under the project “200 ambulances for Ukraine”.

The Rinat Akhmetov Foundation also purchases coronavirus sample analyzers complete with test cartridges for them.

The Rinat Akhmetov Foundation, in collaboration with the Ministry of Digital Development, created an educational series for teachers “Quarantine: Online Services for Teachers”. It allows you to master all the available algorithms that will help build the correct and effective work with students and parents during the quarantine period. A series of video courses is available on the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation’s Facebook page and Youtube channel.


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