Residents of Enerhodar Have Learned to Save from 20 to 70% of Energy in Their Homes

Residents of Enerhodar Have Learned to Save from 20 to 70% of Energy in Their Homes

DTEK20 July 2018

Fifteen residents of Enerhodar learned to perform an energy audit independently. Two weeks ago, they completed theoretical training under the program “Fundamentals of Energy Management and Energy Audit in Buildings and Structures”. And now they have strengthened their knowledge with practice in defending the “home work” – they independently carried out expedited energy audits of their own residential buildings, administrative buildings, high-rise buildings, and even a small architectural form. Training participants determined how to save from 20 to 70% of energy resources at the facilities they surveyed.

Residents of Enerhodar Have Learned to Save from 20 to 70% of Energy in Their Homes

All participants of the energy audit training received certificates of training at DTEK ESCO. Acquired knowledge can provide basis for further development in energy efficiency, and possibly creating an independent business. Some training participants showed during home work defense the level of knowledge allowing them to independently advise others on energy saving in buildings. Perhaps, this will be their basis to train others.

“Our training is an opportunity for people to learn how to improve their housing and municipal buildings, their offices. The topic of energy efficiency is becoming increasingly popular in Ukraine. The knowledge received allows people to orient themselves on how to further develop in this direction in order to become professional energy managers and energy auditors”, said trainer Serhii Svystiuk, Project Manager of DTEK ESCO.energodar1

“Two-week training and a series of trainings became possible for the citizens of Enerhodar as a result of the Canadian PROMISE project “Increasing the Level of Competences of Entrepreneurs and Beginners to Diversify Business in Enerhodar” aimed at supporting initiatives for development and creation of small and medium-sized businesses. If trained people decide to start their own business in energy efficiency, this will create new jobs that will contribute to the development of the economy of our city”, said Victoria Netsvytailo, Director of the Local Development Agency in Enerhodar.


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