DTEK launches a network of high-speed electric vehicle charging stations - STRUM

DTEK launches a network of high-speed electric vehicle charging stations - STRUM

DTEK01 June 2018

DTEK energy company has launched a network of high-speed electric vehicle charging stations under the brand name STRUM. The average charging time at innovative charging stations will range between 25 and 50 minutes only, depending on technical parameters and condition of the battery of an electric vehicle. The creation of such infrastructure will promote the development of electric vehicles in Ukraine.

The first eight stations have already started operating in Kyiv in a testing mode. The charging stations are located at car parks of the capital’s largest shopping malls and business centres, and also at filling stations operated by one of the Ukrainian networks. By the end of June, the number of the charging stations will increase up to 10 (see a list below).

DTEK’s future plans include the installation of high-speed chargers at motorways connection Kyiv with the largest Ukrainian cities. As a result, electric car owners will get an opportunity for long-distance travelling without making long stops.

STRUM charging stations, which have capacity of 50 kW, allow charging an electric vehicle many times faster as compared to a regular socket or low-capacity AC charging stations of previous generation. On average, 15 to 20 min charging time will ensure a driving distance of about 50-100 km.  The equipment used by the charging stations was manufactured by ABB, an international company, and has 21 EU certificates, which guarantees not only high-speed charging but also safety of a charging process.

To make the use of new charging stations more convenient, STRUM Charging mobile application has been developed. This application is based on digital solutions developed by European programmers and is similar to applications used in 15 countries around the world at 9,000 charging stations. STRUM Charging is already available for downloading at PlayMarket and App Store.

“Solar and wind power stations, electric charging stations, and retail energy efficient products are an illustration of real efforts undertaken by DTEK to develop a new Ukrainian energy industry. Today, the energy sector is becoming a source of innovative digital technologies for other sectors of the economy. By extending the range of energy management consumer services, it improves the quality of life of communities. Finally, the new energy sector plays a decisive role in decarbonisation and makes countries and cities more environmentally-friendly. These targets coincide with the vectors of DTEK’s long-term strategy. Today, we create our own solutions and cooperate with the world’s leading companies to implement new-generation energy projects in Ukraine”, noted Oleksandr Onishchenko, DTEK’s Strategy and Business Development Deputy Director.

Addresses of STRUM high-speed charging stations

(Updated information is available on the web-site at strum.dtek.com and in STRUM Charging application):

1. TSUM, 38, Khreshchatyk Street, a car park (Level -1).

2. 101 Business Venter, 57, Lva Tolstogo Street, a car park, Level 3.

3. IG Business Centre, 13-15, Bolsunovskykh Street, a car park (Level -1).

4. Prospekt Shopping Centre (Auchan Hypermarket), 1B, Grata Khotkevycha Street, an open-air car park.

5. Domosfera Shopping Centre, 101 Stolychne Motorway, an open-air car park.

6. Magellan Shopping Centre, 13B Akademika Glushkova Avenue, an open-air car park.

7. RayON Shopping Centre, 4, Mykoly Lavrukhina Street, a car park (Level 3).

8. Astarta Business Centre, 58, Yaroslavska Street, a car park, an entry from Nyzhniy Val Street.

9. A filling station in Kyiv (to be opened before the end of June).

10. A shopping centre in Kyiv (to be opened before the end of June).


DTEK is a strategic holding company that develops four business streams in the energy sector. DTEK's companies employ 75 thousand people. Maxim Timchenko is the Chief Executive Officer of DTEK. 

DTEK companies produce coal and natural gas, generate electricity at the fossil-fuelled power plants and renewable energy power plants, supply heating and electricity to end consumers, and provide energy services. Four operating companies—DTEK ENERGY, DTEK Renewables, DTEK Oil&Gas, DTEK ESCO— directly manage production companies in each of the business streams.

DTEK's production indicators for 2016: the company produced 31.3 mln tonnes of coal, 1.6 bcm of natural gas, generated (supplied) 40.1 bln kWh of electricity, out of which 608.4 mln kWh came from the Botievo wind farm;   and transmitted 45.8 bln kWh of electricity via the networks.

DTEK is part of the financial and industrial group System Capital Management (SCM). The shareholder of the group is Rinat Akhmetov.

For more information, visit: www.dtek.com

To learn about the social partnership projects in progress in the towns and cities of DTEK companies' operations and get a detailed status report on their implementation, visit www.spp-dtek.com.ua

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