DTEK Zaporizka TPP Is Planning to Save Up to 30% of Energy Resources

DTEK Zaporizka TPP Is Planning to Save Up to 30% of Energy Resources

DTEK23 August 2017

Zaporizka TPP is going to become one of the most energy efficient TPPs in Ukraine. Other DTEK power plants will join. For this purposes an energy management system is implemented, and once this process is completed, the savings of energy resources will reach up to 30%. DTEK ESCO, an energy service company specializing in energy efficiency, was appointed an advisor to the project.

DTEK Zaporizka TPP Is Planning to Save Up to 30% of Energy Resources

TPP’s power engineers have been developing a comprehensive energy efficiency program for the next several years. Consultants with German expert company TÜV SÜD will provide assistance in connection with the implementation of an energy management system at Zaporizka TPP. They will advise on specific organizational and technological measures that have to be employed to achieve savings. Following that, the energy management system will be certified in accordance with ISO 50001 international standard.zates2

“To achieve maximum effect, everyone, from director to file and rank employees have to be involved in the energy saving process. It is important to have all energy resources accounted by metering devices. This will provide a reference point for understating what savings were made. It is also important that by saving energy resources, we improve working conditions, increase industrial safety, and reliability of such a sophisticated facility as a TPP,” commented Pavlo Petryk, a representative of TÜV SÜD.

“Some of our employees have already completed a course on energy management at DTEK Academy. Now, we put this knowledge into practice by auditing our production facilities. We can see that up to 30% of energy resources can be saved if relevant energy efficiency efforts are implemented. We include all these measures into our long-term energy efficiency program that will be carried out over three years. DTEK ESCO will help us to run the program,” said Oleh Shmitko, Deputy Chief Operations Engineer at Zaporizka TPP.zates3

“We can provide financing and implement measures defined by the power plant’s personnel. For instance, we can upgrade pumping equipment, install imported frequency transformers, replace lighting fixtures with energy efficient ones, and upgrade climate control units. Such projects are rather complex in terms of implementation and require additional financing. To prevent the power plant from spending its own resources, we can implement the project under an energy service contract. By that, we guarantee energy savings. And we shall share such savings with the plant. As a matter of fact, we purchase energy losses from the power plant. We have already launched energy service projects at Burshtynska and Ladyzhynska TPPs. The project for the upgrade of a lighting system at DTEK Dobropilska CEP provided an opportunity to save more than 90% on electric power as compared to old lamps. The other project to install 12 frequency converters helps Metinvest’s Central Mining and Processing Plant save more than 59% of electric power consumed by pumps,” commented Andrii Ivanko, Head of Project Management Department.

The efforts taken at Zaporizka power plant will allow consolidating data and applying it to two other Dniproenergo power plants, Kryvorizka and Prydniprovska TPPs. It is expected that the recommendations provided by the consultants will be implemented as soon as the next year. As a result, an energy efficiency culture will be instilled at the plant, and the project will complement the Novator continuous improvement project that has already helped the plant to save about 65 million hryvnias since the beginning of 2017.


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