DTEK will install solar lights on alleys of the botanical garden

DTEK will install solar lights on alleys of the botanical garden

DTEK21 April 2018

DTEK will install street lights equipped with solar panels on the central alley of the Kiev Botanical Garden named after Academician A.Fomin. They will be completely autonomous from the city's electrical networks.

DTEK will install solar lights on alleys of the botanical garden

"Last year, DTEK signed a partnership agreement with the Kiev National University. Shevchenko in the field of training specialists. Developing this cooperation, we decided this year to put in order the central alley of the Botanical Garden named after Academician A.Fomin, which is part of the university complex. The installation of solar lanterns will make the alley safer at night, while the bot sade will not incur additional costs for electricity. Renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies are the future of Ukrainian cities. And we at DTEK strive to bring this future as close as possible to concrete actions - from system projects for the construction of a new green generation in the country to simple actions such as the installation of urban solar lighting in the framework of our volunteer programs, "said DTEK's Director General Maxim Timchenko.

The first lamps will work in early May, they will be installed in the lower, the weakest part of the botanical garden. In general, work on the improvement of the central alley is planned to be completed in 2019.

Simultaneously with the installation of lighting, DTEK employees conducted a traditional corporate "subbotnik" in the botsad, which the company has been organizing for 6 consecutive years. Workers of the Kiev office planted tree seedlings, installed new park benches and cleaned the park. Similar volunteer actions were held in 22 settlements of Ukraine, where DTEK enterprises operate, more than 3.3 thousand people took part in them.


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