DTEK Oil&Gas is among leaders of environmental change in Ukraine

DTEK Oil&Gas is among leaders of environmental change in Ukraine
DTEK Oil&Gas is among leaders of environmental change in Ukraine

DTEK Oil&Gas received the “Eco-Oscar” award within the Eco-Transformation project for the introduction of environmentally friendly technologies in the field of gas production. The goal of the project is to recognize companies that have proven successful solutions for environmental protection and stimulate environmental change in the country.

DTEK Oil&Gas has implemented an environmental management system ISO 14001: 2015 and implements projects aimed at protecting the environment at all stages of production, starting from exploration and drilling to gas production and treatment.

The company successfully constructs super-deep wells using advanced waste disposal technologies. One of them is the pitless drilling method, which meets international environmental standards. Drill cuttings are cleaned using the latest equipment, which effectively separates the cuttings from the drilling mud. Subsequently, the waste is transferred to licensed organizations, and the purified solution is reused. The use of modern drilling fluids reduces waste generation after well construction by 30% and reduces the use of water resources.

The company also applies innovative methods of geological exploration, implements environmentally friendly technological solutions at gas treatment plants that help reduce emissions into the atmosphere, and provides regular environmental monitoring of the environment in the territories of its presence.

Igor Shchurov, DTEK Oil&Gas CEO: “Responsible attitude to the environment, labor protection and industrial safety is the key principle of our company. During 7 years we have invested over UAH 250 million in this area. We introduce modern environmentally friendly technologies throughout the entire hydrocarbon production chain. Thus, systematical investments and innovations allow DTEK Oil&Gas not only to increase gas production and contribute Ukraine's energy independence, but also to help preserve ecosystems ”.

DTEK has identified 12 UN Sustainable Development Goals as its priorities and included them in the ESG strategy.


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