DTEK Oil&Gas started drilling a new well

DTEK Oil&Gas started drilling a new well

DTEK26 September 2017

On 25 September 2017, DTEK Oil&Gas started drilling well No. 25 in the Semyrenkivske gas condensate field. For the first time in Ukraine the work is being performed by Belarus company Belorusneft, which won a tender for drilling four wells for DTEK Oil&Gas.

The directional well will be 5,714 m deep. The well will be drilled with the following modern equipment: Italian Drillmec 1500HP fixed drilling rig (2014 year of manufacture), Drillmec MAS drawwork with the 345 t lifting capacity, Canrig 1035 АС-500 top drive, and a General Electric power drive with electronically controlled torque.  Triplex pumps of 1,600 hp will be used for drilling mud circulation, and Derrick equipment — for drilling mud cleaning.

For drilling the directional well section with a rotary-steerable system, DTEK Oil&Gas engages international market leader Schlumberger. Smith drilling bits from the same company will be used for well deepening.

Belorusneft will perform pitless drilling of all four wells for DTEK Oil&Gas by using the technology of sludge decantation with a special drier. This drilling method meets the best international environmental standards and was one of the DTEK Oil&Gas environmental safety requirements to cooperation with Belorusneft. 

"Start of drilling well No. 25 could be considered a milestone for the sector," commented DTEK Oil & Gas CEO Igor Shchurov. "It is the first time Belorusneft comes to Ukraine, which brings the Ukrainian drilling and services market to a new competitive level.  It took less than two months from contract conclusion to the full mobilization of the rig; and now we are ready to start drilling using modern equipment and advanced technologies. We are confident that cooperation with our partners from Belarus will be a success to set the example for the entire sector to follow and make one more contribution to the energy security of our country."

"Production Association Belorusneft treats DTEK Oil&Gas as the most important business partner," says Alexander Lyakhov, CEO of PA Belorusneft. "We are impressed by the strategy of the company, growth of production rate and approaches to resources base development. The facility at the Semyrenkivske gas condensate field will be constructed by the crew headed by the experienced drilling superintendent Vladimir Taras. The crew will be using the rig that meets all modern international requirements and is equipped with 4-stage cleaning system of the foreign manufacture. A variable frequency drive with asynchronous motors is used for the drilling rig, which helps control the drilling modes smoothly and precisely. "



DTEK is a strategic holding company that develops four business streams in the energy sector. DTEK's companies employ 75 thousand people. Maxim Timchenko is the Chief Executive Officer of DTEK. 

DTEK companies produce coal and natural gas, generate electricity at the fossil-fuelled power plants and renewable energy power plants, supply heating and electricity to end consumers, and provide energy services. Four operating companies—DTEK ENERGY, DTEK Renewables, DTEK Oil&Gas, DTEK ESCO— directly manage production companies in each of the business streams.

DTEK's production indicators for 2016: the company produced 31.3 mln tonnes of coal, 1.6 bcm of natural gas, generated (supplied) 40.1 bln kWh of electricity, out of which 608.4 mln kWh came from the Botievo wind farm;   and transmitted 45.8 bln kWh of electricity via the networks.

DTEK is part of the financial and industrial group System Capital Management (SCM). The shareholder of the group is Rinat Akhmetov.

For more information, visit: www.dtek.com

To learn about the social partnership projects in progress in the towns and cities of DTEK companies' operations and get a detailed status report on their implementation, visit www.spp-dtek.com.ua

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