DTEK Kurakhivska TPP Is Ready for Saving Energy Resources in Accordance with International Standards

DTEK Kurakhivska TPP Is Ready for Saving Energy Resources in Accordance with International Standards

DTEK31 August 2017

DTEK Kurakhivska TPP is ready for saving energy resources based on international energy management practice. This project covers all thermal power plants of DTEK. For this purpose, DTEK ESCO energy service company specializing in energy efficiency provides advice to this enterprise. Even in the absence of any considerable investments, up to 10% of energy resources can be saved using organizational measures alone, and the investments made into energy service can help reach savings of up to 30%.

DTEK Kurakhivska TPP Is Ready for Saving Energy Resources in Accordance with International Standards

Consultants with German expert organization TÜV SÜD have been helping performing an audit of technological processes and developing a complex energy saving program for several years for Kurakhivska TPP.

Following that, the energy management system will be certified in accordance with ISO 50001 international standard.

Pavlo Petryk, Head of Energy Efficiency Department at TÜV SÜD, commented on the readiness of Kurakhivska TPP to become an energy-efficient enterprise:

“At the diagnostics stage, the personnel of Kurakhivska TPP have demonstrated the great readiness for the certification in compliance with ISO 50001 standard. We performed an audit of accounting of energy resources use by the power plant and came to a conclusion that the majority of the documentation available at this stage satisfies the requirements of the standard, and only some minor adjustments are required. The personnel with the chief engineer service have already received training on energy management and energy audit. To ensure maximum effect, employees of all levels will be involved in saving energy resources.”

Maksym Shumchenko, Deputy Chief Operations Engineer of DTEK Kurakhivska TPP, commented on the planned energy efficiency projects

“Kurakhivska TPP can greatly benefit from the experience gained by its power counterparts. Both Burshtynska TPP and Ladyzhynska TPP have already obtained good results from cooperating with an energy service company, and Zaporizka TPP will be next to get this experience. The first joint project of DTEK Kurakhivska TPP and DTEK ESCO will cover the installation of a performance frequency regulation system at three pump groups. Currently, the project is on the stage of the execution of a contract. The power plant will get an opportunity to make savings on auxiliary power consumption. As a result, the electric power production costs will go down. The upgraded equipment of the power plant will be more reliable.”

“Some of the savings efforts can be implemented without any investments, simply by restructuring business processes at an enterprise to ensure rational use of energy resources. Savings of up to 10% can be reached by using organizational measures. DTEK ESCO will assist with the implementation of other measures that require investments and have been prioritized by the personnel of the power plant during energy audits, by employing an energy service mechanism. As an investor, DTEK ESCO will provide financing and upgrade outdated equipment while guaranteeing the savings of energy resources. According to our experience with energy efficiency projects that have already been implemented, electric power savings of more than 90% can be achieved using an energy service. For instance, this is exactly the savings that we succeeded in achieving by upgrading lighting systems at DTEK Dobropilska CEP where about 340 LED lamps were installed to replace old incandescent ones alongside the replacement of 6 km of electric wires. Metinvest has achieved electric power savings of 60% by installing frequency converters at Central MPP,” commented Andrii Ivanko, Head of the Project Management Department of DTEK ESCO.

It is expected that the recommendations provided by the consultants will be implemented as soon as the next year. As a result, an energy efficiency culture will be instilled at the plant, and the project will complement the Novator continuous improvement project that has already helped Kurakhivska TPP save about 34.8 million hryvnias since the beginning of 2017.


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