DTEK Academy has been recognized among the world’s best Corporate Universities

DTEK Academy has been recognized among the world’s best Corporate Universities

DTEK24 April 2019

DTEK Academy has been recognized among the world’s best Corporate Universities

The Global Council of Corporate Universities (Global CCU) included the DTEK Academy in the list of the finalists of this year’s specialized contest Global Council Corporate Universities Awards 2019.

“The GlobalCCU Awards recognize the very best Corporate Universities at the global scale that create strategic value for people, business and society”, note the contest organizers.

Apart from the DTEK Academy, among the companies that have reached the final of this year’s contest are Airbus, Fiat-Chrysler, McDonald’s, SAP, and UBS. The jury that selected the finalists consists of the presidents of Corporate Universities established by such global companies as Microsoft, Siemens, ArcelorMittal, Danone and other corporations.

“For the DTEK Academy shortlisting for the Global Council Corporate Universities Awards 2019 means that we are recognized as a unique educational business platform both locally and on a global scale. Our experts have created more than 2 thousand educational programs, and fostered education and development of more than 219 thousand specialists including both DTEK employees and representatives of other leading companies and NGOs. Working in cooperation with five world-class business schools, the DTEK Academy employs innovative practices and approaches and makes a contribution in the transformation of the educational system and development of Ukraine’s human capital”, — noted Oleksandr Kucherenko, DTEK’s Director for Sustainable Development.

The Award Winners will be selected in São Paulo, Brazil, on 7–9 May. In addition to the Best Overall Corporate University category, Corporate Universities also compete to be named the best in the following categories: Business Impact, Culture, Corporate Responsibility, Brand, Holistic Human and Digital, Innovation, and the Technology of the Year.

The Global Council of Corporate Universities (GlobalCCU) was established in 2005, and it brings together Corporate Universities of the leading companies from 50 countries around the globe. The DTEK Academy is Ukraine’s only representative in the GlobalCCU.


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