Be EcoSmart! DTEK Energy announces the launch of an educational program for schoolchildren at the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit

Be EcoSmart! DTEK Energy announces the launch of an educational program for schoolchildren at the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit

DTEK16 June 2020

DTEK Energy power engineers and miners, together with methodologists and educators, developed a series of interactive video tutorials on ways to preserve the environment. The project contributes to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and is consistent with the goals of the DTEK Group's ESG strategy. The start of the project was announced by DTEK Energy youth movement leader, Evgenia Volkova, during her online speech at the 20th anniversary Summit

Be EcoSmart! DTEK Energy announces the launch of an educational program for schoolchildren at the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit

The 20th anniversary UN Global Compact Leaders Summit was held on June 15-16 in New York. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the event was transferred to the online format, so more than 15,000people from 200 countries of the world, including Ukraine, were able to take part in it.

Yevgenia Volkova, DTEK Energy youth movement leader, took part in the discussion panel “Navigating SDGs Driven Innovations: Why Your Company Needs an Innovation Ecosystem?”. She noted that participation in one of the UN Global Compact programs Young SDG Innovators allowed DTEK youth not only to study the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN DG, but also to put their knowledge into practice in order to improve the ecological culture in the country.

“DTEK is a responsible and reliable company that shares the values ​​of society, cares about the future of Ukraine, supports talented youth. This helps to highlight the real leaders, to give them the opportunity to realize their self-potential not only in their professional activities, but also in changing our society. Realizing the importance of responsible consumption, we decided to share knowledge not only with colleagues, but also with schoolchildren. This is how the BeEkoSmart environmental education program was born, “says Evgenia Volkova. Indeed, there are many people in our country who share the values ​​of sustainable development. And the main goals of our innovative DTEK team are to find these people and help them understand where to start. We want them to know that they are not alone in their quest to improve the world”.

“I am proud that young people increasingly understand the need for the formation and development of an environmental consciousness in Ukraine and are actively involved in the search for ways to solve global problems. “We have many talented young employees, leaders who are introducing innovations that represent the professional future of DTEK, and this generational continuity in achieving global goals certainly makes us happy,” said Aleksandr Kucherenko, Director of Sustainable Development at DTEK.

The first video lesson is already available on the DTEK Youtube channel. Schoolchildren will learn how the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals contribute to the preservation of the planet for future generations and where to start right now. After the theoretical part, schoolchildrenwill be able to test themselves and answer questions on the topic of the lesson. The most active and attentive will receive prizes.

DTEK, as a member of the UN Global Compact since 2007, is guided in its activities by the Sustainable Development Goals, and 12 UN goals are integrated into the company's ESG strategy.


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