85% of electricity saves on DTEK lighting Dobropolskaya TSOF

85% of electricity saves on DTEK lighting Dobropolskaya TSOF

DTEK04 April 2018

At DTEK Dobropolskaya TSOF the second project on technical re-equipment of the electric lighting system was completed. 130 industrial LED lighting fixtures were installed at the conveyor gallery site, 3.5 km of cable lines and switchboards were replaced. Savings on the electric lighting area is more than 85%. This will allow the company to save about 500 thousand kWh or 840 thousand UAH. in year.

"Last year, DTEK ESCO has already completed a project for us on the technical re-equipment of the lighting system in the main building of the CEF. Replacing 340 luminaires for LED and 6 km of cable for a new one has resulted in savings of more than 90% in electric lighting, and the illumination of workplaces has tripled. This experience inspired us to move on: there should be no dark places in our company. The work of the beneficiaries must be safe, "- said the director of DTEK Dobropolskaya TSOF Nadezhda Sudak.
Noticeable changes are positively assessed by factory workers.
Angela Kobets, a machinist of the DTEK conveyor Dobropolskaya TSOF says:
"Before installing new lighting, we often had to use hand lamps for better equipment inspection and cleaning. Now we are very glad that there is no such need. Thanks to the new lighting, it became very easy to see the most difficult places of the conveyor belt, to clean them. Daylight appeared on the working mark, which is very important in the dark. "
Kirienko Nadezhda, machinist of the DTEK conveyor Dobropolskaya TSOF says:
"New lamps in the gallery of the bridge №10 allowed to save electricity and at the same time improved the quality of lighting. The fixtures installed earlier had a short service life. Almost every shift had to be replaced. Now thanks to the new LED-lamps taking the shift, I know for sure that I will work all 12 hours in good light! ".
"Modernization of electric lighting is beneficial in all respects. We save electricity and money. For example, replacing one luminaire with a 100 W incandescent lamp with a 15 W LED lamp gives a saving of 85 watts of power. Or 744.6 kWh per year. For each 1 kWh, our company pays 1.86 UAH. Total one LED-lamp saves 1,385 UAH. in year.
In addition to saving, we improve the level of illumination - hence, there will be less injuries. Increase the industrial safety: all new lamps are protected from dust and moisture. LED-lamps do not require special disposal, unlike fluorescent lamps that contain mercury. New lamps are durable and last for several years. Accordingly, the operating costs for replacing lamps are reduced, "said DTEK's chief power engineer, Dobropolskaya TsOF, Alexander Yarmolenko.
"We wanted the enterprise to become as light as the day. To do this, it is not enough just to change the light bulbs, to do the so-called relamping. We have integrated the project in a comprehensive manner. Together with the contractors LLC "I EY SOLYUSHNZ" and LLC "IntelTek Ukraine" completely redesigned the lighting system: the arrangement of luminaires, light zones, recalculated the loads on the internal electric network. As an energy service company, we financed 100% of the cost of developing and implementing the project. As a result, they achieved the planned energy saving, increased the comfort for employees. Another similar project we carry out at DTEK Pavlograd TSOF - there will soon be 650 new LED-lights, "- says the director of DTEK ESCO Eugene Bushma.
The project on modernization of electric lighting at the section of DTEK conveyor galleries Dobropolskaya TSOF is executed on the terms of an energy service contract for a period of 6 years. During this time, the savings achieved are distributed in a ratio of 75/25 between the ESCO investor and the customer. At the end of the contract, all new equipment and 100% savings are received by the customer.


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