Our Brand
Brand Positioning

DTEK is a partner of society and government, a leader who leads and inspires by example. The Company contributes to the transformation of Ukrainian society and building of competitive economy, acts transparently and openly, encourages entrepreneurship, cooperation and innovations.

DTEK provides energy, light and warmth to the people who live in Ukraine, move our country forward, develop its economy, raise children and respect the environment.

DTEK is not only a large-scale business, but also a global brand that is built around the mission, has its own character, values and attributes. They are manifested in visual identics and in the language of voice - the language of the brand. Tone of voice is one of the most important attributes that work for a brand. It is a unique tonality, a combination of elements and sounds, by which DTEK is recognized.

DTEK shares its success stories to inspire and motivate others to act.

Brand Attributes

We set clear goals and know how to turn them into visible results demanded by employees, society and the country.


We work with full commitment, develop dynamically, do not stand still and strive to always offer more than is expected of us.


We share the values of society, understand people's needs and are always ready for cooperation. We are open to dialogue within and outside the company.


We live and work in Ukraine, so it is important for us how the country develops. Without the prosperity of society there is no long-term prosperity of business.