Aleksandr Polosin was appointed as Director of Internal Audit at DTEK

Aleksandr Polosin was appointed as Director of Internal Audit at DTEK
Aleksandr Polosin was appointed as Director of Internal Audit at DTEK

“Ukrainian energy sector stands at the threshold of the market. Competition is a major challenge that Ukrainian energy companies shall be up for. Under the circumstances, it is essential for business to improve the quality of corporate management and to increase decision-making time and efficiency. The internal audit function works for the continuous improvement of DTEK's business processes, the efficient use of resources, the continuous search for internal reserves to improve efficiency. Considering the period of transformations specific to the Ukrainian energy industry, internal audit takes on particular importance. Under the leadership of Aleksandr Polosin, who has been working for DTEK since its establishment, the company will continue to develop the internal audit function in accordance with European practices and the expectations of our partners and investors.” — said Maxim Timchenko, CEO of DTEK.

Aleksandr Polosin graduated from Donetsk State University with a degree in Finance and Credit. He has been working in DTEK since 2005. He worked his way from the deputy chief of control & audit service to the head of corporate internal audit department, the company's chief internal auditor.

Under the leadership of Aleksandr Polosin, DTEK was the first among industrial companies in Ukraine whose internal audit has undergone an external evaluation against IIA standards (International Institute for Internal Auditors).

“The task of internal audit is to facilitate setting up internal processes. It is impossible to bear evidence of the development of the company as a whole, especially under the conditions fundamental market changes, without the smooth and efficient work of each division. Today, our team has gathered together some of the best auditing experts in Ukraine who are able to make a tangible contribution to the efficiency of DTEK’s work.” — concluded Aleksandr Polosin.

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