Business Ethics and Compliance

DTEK Group conducts its business in compliance with the regulatory requirements of the jurisdictions where its enterprises and companies operate. DTEK Group takes a zero-tolerance approach to corruption in all its forms and manifestations. Each employee must adhere to the Group’s ethical business practices.

Since 2010, a special unit called the Compliance Service charged by the Compliance Officer has been operating across DTEK Group. Its activities are constantly updated to reflect changes in the external operating environment. Today, its main responsibility is implementing a system of internal controls to minimize corruption risk, as well as the risk of economic sanctions and dissemination prevention of illegal insider trading. Decisions and recommendations made by the Compliance Service are mandatory for all employees of DTEK Group.




Anti-corruption programme

DTEK Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Compliance Hotline


We systematically inform and train our employees to prevent corrupt practices and violations. We identify and prevent potential conflicts of interest, keep records of business gifts and hospitality, enable employees and partners to report suspected misconduct, investigate such reports and ensure whistleblower protection.

Furthermore, we have a set of standards and requirements to the lawful and transparent conduct to all our partners and contractors.

Our Anti-Corruption program is developed in compliance with the best international practices and standards of corruption risk management. The program is taking into account the provisions of ISO 37001:2016 Anti-bribery management systems, anti-corruption legislation and international acts on combating corruption of extraterritorial action (including the FCPA and the UKBA), and the recommendations of the Transparency International.