Qualified employees, managers and specialists are key factors ensuring competitive advantage. DTEK views training such employees as essential in developing the business. The Company’s employees are trained at its corporate university, the DTEK Academy, a centre for managing the knowledge system at all enterprises. The corporate university offers its own unique educational programmes.

The operating personnel are trained in 14 regional branches of the DTEK Academy. The modular training programmes for the most important professions at production site are developed on the basis of corporate professional standards. This ensures the high quality of education and availability of knowledge, skills and competencies that meet the requirements of modern industry.

The corporate centre and DTEK facilities employees have an opportunity to take part in competency development programmes that are required for work in modern business-organization. Along with classroom learning employees also take e-learning courses.

There are special programmes for managers. Such programmes help to develop management skills: planning, business organization, motivation and employees’ assessment, search and development of the talents in the company.

There are also special programmes for personnel reserve and successors for senior management positions, in particular MBA programmes “Energy of Knowledge” and “Energy of Leader”. Their aim is to increase personal effectiveness in people and business processes management. The programmes involve the top management of the Company, well-known local trainers as well as invited speakers from international business schools. DTEK’s top management through personal example develops the culture of continuity in the Company, responsible behaviour towards employees, society and environment. 

Each top manager of the Company is a mentor and passes his/her knowledge and experience to future leaders.

DTEK Academy regularly hosts the events on the informal method of personnel development: Movie Club, Debate Club, Speaking Club, Creativity Workshop and Photo Club. The employees can visit these events voluntarily in their free time. The meetings are held in a relaxed friendly atmosphere. They give the people an opportunity to get to know each other better, share their views and learn new things.


Career / Education
Developing management potential

One of DTEK’s key strategic aims is to create sufficient management potential. The Company aims to fill at least 70% of vacancies for middle and senior management positions internally. To reach this goal, it is implementing a long-term programme to create and train its staff reserve.

DTEK has developed its Top 50 programme, which aims to prepare successors for critical management positions.

Individual development and career plans are prepared for each participant in the programme, and a mentor is selected from among DTEK’s top managers. Alongside working with mentors, the reserve is being created based on independent development, open training sessions and seminars, including those at the DTEK Academy.

The Company also has a wider staff-reserve programme for candidates for middle management positions. The Company’s staff reserve is made up of employees who have demonstrated the best results during the Development Centre procedure.

The annual review gives an evaluation of ability to deliver results and skills, while the Development Centre provides an impression of managerial potential of specialists. As part of this methodology, employees fulfil special assignments, carry out an evaluation interview and receive recommendations for future development.

Career / Education
Production training

DTEK is an industrial company and its main centres of production use complex and high-tech mining and energy equipment that can be operated by professional workers and engineers. Trained personnel are not just a key factor for efficiency, but also the important condition for maintaining the highest level of industrial safety.

The Company has created training programmes for workers in both the energy and coal industries. 

Participants include both new recruits who have only just begun their working careers and experienced operators who need to maintain their professional skills and master new technologies.

Training and offering additional qualifications for workers take place in the DTEK Academy branches. Under the leadership of experienced teachers, employees not only undertake theoretical training but also acquire practical skills, including those at training sessions in specially equipped computer classes. 

The specially-designed and computerised “Training Ground for the 200 MW and 300 MW Units” at Vostokenergo’s branches of DTEK Academy, Burshtynska TPP and Ladyzhynska TPP, simulates the ignition and shutdown of the energy blocks, and any working or emergency situation to develop skills for dealing with emergency failures. Like other DTEK innovations, these education and production complexes are unique to Ukraine.

Each student obtains access to exclusive electronic textbooks, control-training programmes and tests. As such, they can not only monitor whether answers are correct but also obtain feedback if an answer is wrong.

The Company also has an institute of internal trainers which consists of shift supervisors and managers of work sites. Internal trainers teach theoretical disciplines and share their production experience with their younger colleagues. Practical skills and sustainable methods of work are shared through the system of working mentoring.

In order to develop the managerial potential of workers and to train the staff reserve for entry-level management positions, DTEK is creating a “School for foreman” and “School for Shift Supervisors”.

Career / Education
Work with educational institutions

DTEK has been implementing a multi-course programme for working with leading Ukrainian higher technical education institutes since 2009. Long-term strategic partnership has been signed with Donetsk National Technical University (2009), National Mining University (2010), National Technical University of Ukraine ‘Kyiv Polytechnic Institute’ (2011), Lviv Polytechnic National University (2012), Donbas State Technical University (2013), Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas (2015).

The main aim of partnership is to improve the quality of young professionals training that come from Higher Education Institutions to work at the Company’s facilities. 

It could be done by amplifying and strengthening the theoretical teaching acquired by students at the institutes and by conveying the modern scientific techniques used by leading Ukrainian and international companies.

In the context of partnership DTEK takes part in developing new professional and training standards, work of qualification commissions and common research activities. For closer partnership two scientific-methodological centres “DTEK departments” in universities-partner were created in 2013. Besides, the Company implements the programme “DTEK Generation” for selection, training and employment of promising students. Student of the universities-partners who are senior students on core specialties can receive additional training in DTEK Academy under specialized programme.

Later they can become candidates for employment at the company. Taking part in the programme, students of DTEK Group can visit different events of the company, take production practical courses, work on diploma projects on topics relevant for the Company.

Partnership with universities also involves taking production practical courses by students. Annually more than 2 thousand people master the basics of the future profession at the Company’s facilities. In addition, DTEK is directly involved in updating material and technical resources of the universities.